What are you truly capable of?

Why Do You Insist On Starving? – Stop Starving Start Living

15 December 2014

Hey mate, Let’s just dive right in.   YOU are starving. To begin with, your body is starving for good WATER.  I don’t care what you think, odds are you aren’t drinking ANYWHERE near enough of GOOD WATER.  Start – Right – Now. Next, your body is starving for FATS.  Good fats.   Do some […]

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What Gets You Out of Bed In The Morning?

18 November 2014

“Mr Twenty Twenty, What gets you out of bed in the morning?”  – Bonnie Hi Bonnie, The first thing I do – once I get out of bed – is probably the most physically and mentally challenging activity of the day. It’s a typical example of what gets me out of bed in the morning, […]

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Go Deeper Now – Stretch or Die – Mr Twenty Twenty

14 November 2014

Hey mate, When was the last time you had a REALLY GOOD conversation with someone you love? You know the kind.  A conversation that wasn’t a freaking rerun. A conversation that required YOU and THEM to show up – just a little bit more.   A conversation that gave both you and them priceless gifts […]

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Near Batemans Bay - NSW - Australia

The Next Three Hours Will Determine Your Destiny – Mr Twenty Twenty

06 November 2014

Hey mate, The next three hours – they will determine your destiny. Let me prove it to you – so YOU can determine your destiny. First, let’s look at food.  Most people eat “for now”.   What feels good now.  What tastes good NOW.  What I have handy – now. How’s that working for you? […]

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Why Gravity Is Killing You – And What You Can Do About It

02 October 2014

Hey mate, Gravity is killing you.   It’s killing your body, it’s killing your dreams.  It’s robbing you of energy, vim, vigor, creativity.  Gravity, it seems to be a nasty thing. But it’s not the earth’s gravity that’s killing you – it’s yours. Your body responds all day, every day to gravity. The earth’s gravity, […]

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Paradox and Profit – Mr Twenty Twenty – Success 101

30 September 2014

Hey mate, If you want to be happier, more successful, and healthier, embrace paradox. Let’s dive into making money doing what you love for example.  Is it possible?  Yes, it can be done, we are doing that right here.  And no, most people who try it – don’t succeed.  They go broke because they don’t […]

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What are you truly capable of?

How To Get More Present and More Presents – Mr Twenty Twenty

16 September 2014

“I want to get more present, can you help me with that in a session?” – Debra Hi Debra, All you are is present Debra.   You can’t get any closer to where you are, which is the only place you can possibly be. On the other hand, I am curious.  “What gets into your […]

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How To Read Any Book (Worth Reading) In 7 Minutes or Less – and how to get a free kindle.

16 September 2014

Mr Twenty Twenty’s Secret Speed Reading method. How to read almost ANY book in 7 minutes or less. Read Amazon reviews.  Determine if other INTELLIGENT PEOPLE have found the book of REAL value.  (Don’t read reviews that are too long or too short.   Too short = written by lazy people.  Too short will give […]

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Looking In The Mirror

Rock Solid Success – Mr2020 Style – Part 1- The 2020 Zone

12 September 2014

Hey mate, Want more and more success? Let’s dive in then. First, use all you got. Second, use all you got on your most valuable activity. Third, have a behavior based outcome – that matters – so you know what your most valuable activity is. Let’s be very real here for a moment.  Probably 90% […]

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Making Love - Making Life

Are You an Elder? Do you have Wisdom? (If you do,I want to talk to you.)

09 September 2014

Hey mate, First, I’ve been blessed to meet and learn from some AMAZING and LOVELY people in my 48 years on earth.  So first, a special THANK YOU to those who have blessed me – so I can bless others. So…. What I do is invest my days, sharing what knowledge and wisdom I’ve managed […]

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