How To Be a Real Man! (or how to stop driving women nuts) – Part 1

To be a real man…

  • First, you gotta be a man.
  • Either you got the right BODY PART, or you don’t.

That’s okay, that’s not the important PART.

What matters more is, to be a REAL MAN…

You gotta be REALLY REAL.

And REALLY REAL is the part that is so rare, so uncommon, so unusual….

That REALLY REAL is the part that everyone (including the women in your life) is STARVING FOR.

  • Because REALLY REAL isn’t about BLENDING in….
  • Because REALLY REAL isn’t about STAYING safe….

REALLY REAL is about YOU – DISCOVERING you in the moment….

WHILE  DEFINING what your role in the world is…

Most men….

Instead of DISCOVERING themselves in the moment and DEFINING their role in the world…

Waste all day DENYING

  • Their urges…
  • Their strengths…
  • Their pleasures….

And when they DENY those, they DESTROY their ability to be a man – who can give to his tribe, his family, and himself.



  • When you act on your urges as they rise within you…
  • When you use and develop your strengths daily…
  • When you fully enjoy your pleasures.

Without guilt.
Without regret.
Without apologizing – for being a man.

From the For What it’s Worth Department:

“Women are starving for men – who are REALLY REAL.”

WOMEN are starving for MEN who are willing to LEAD, as well as LOVE.

And if you DIVE INTO my list above, you’ll find I left some clues on where to begin….

Action #1:  How will I act on my urges today?

I bet if you do – you’ll find you are less bitchy and less depressed. Do you know the stats about “men with depression”? There’s a reason why they are so high.

Action #2:  How can I use and develop my STRENGTHS today?

Let’s face it. Look around. There is a megaton of mediocre in the world today. Many men I talk to don’t even KNOW what their strengths are…. When I ask, MANY of them look to their wife or girlfriend and wait for THEM to answer…..

There’s a hint there…
Develop an opinion, based on experience…
Give an answer, one that leads to action…
Stick the spear into something….
(You are designed to do that….)

Today’s Takeaway:  So many “men” I meet, long for something different….

Then they sigh….

They live lives of quiet RESIGNATION…
When they could lead a life of wonder, passion, adventure.


Wednesday, I enjoyed the pleasure of my first Torture Table Pilates class, led by a mad french woman (meant in the most lovely way).   And then I came home to enjoy a nice Laphroig single malt scotch and a bubble bath, while watching my favorite television shows.

And tonight, I enjoy my pleasures and my passions, as I sit in the garden with you – and the puppies, ready to light up a lovely Cuban cigar…. with a fine BenRiach 10 year Single Malt….

Raising my glass to  YOU!

Because if you’ve read this far, you are obviously interested – in being both real – and in being a man.

Or maybe you are someone who just loves both real – and man.

Either way, I love you.

Mr Twenty Twenty

Leave a comment below, I would LOVE to know you were here and what you think.

By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at


  1. Twenty my man. What a powerful share, and exactly what I needed to read. I have been feeling depressed and disempowered of late. Not doing the things I want to do in my life. Feeling limp and joyless. I guess that is one of the reason`s I like and respect you brother. You live from your power and manhood. Unafraid to express who you are.

    In moments of silence….I start to feel what would bring me alive and give to the world and my woman.
    Just the other day, I took a risk and it made my lady hot for me. Very interesting..
    love ya mate

    1. Hey Patrick!


      In the old days, the hunter would risk his arrow….

      But if he didn’t take the shot….

      There was no invitation to rejoice….

      Enjoy the play mate!

      Take the shot!


  2. Greetings Mr 2020!

    Regarding Action no 2

    How do I find my strength(s)? before using and developing them….

    Any tips?


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