The Three Minute Energy Boost

If you want ENDLESS ENERGY to create, construct or attract what you want in the world – then stop judging.

You will find it easier to create and construct what you want in the world – you will be much more attractive and even more intelligent and you will have ENDLESS ENERGY – when you just one thing – stop judging.

Because when there is any possibility of judging or being judged INSIDE YOUR MIND – you have to waste precious ENERGY – preparing imaginary defenses – and since the best defense is an offense, so you will also be tempted to waste time and ENERGY attacking – others, life, conditions – even yourself.

So stop.   Stop the judgement train dead – entirely – in it’s tracks right now.

Three Easy Steps to Endless Energy.

Begin here.  Stop any judgmental fantasies inside your mind – they most often occur as conversations.   And since nature – and your natural mind both abhor a vacuum – START having much more creative conversations – inside your mind.   And if you do that, you will find that you have much more pleasant – and creative conversations in your life as well.

TAKE AWAY #1:  Take 3 minutes right now, close your eyes – and construct inside your mind a creative conversation – make the conversation imply that you have already succeeded where you were previously stuck.   Feel how good it feels to be congratulated on your accomplishments.   End your Creative Conversation with a very simple easy to FEEL FULLY moment – where you get a high five, or a handshake or a massive hug.  Whoo yah.  Do this daily for just 3 minutes, for the next 30 days.   And watch what happens.   It will be the best 90 minutes you invested EVER.

TAKE AWAY #2:  Using Creative Conversations  is exactly how I cured myself of PTSD.  Because Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is only your imagination gone wild – out of control.   As far as I can tell, EVERYONE has an imagination that is mostly out of control, but with PTSD it is WILDLY AND STRESSFULLY out of control.   I used SIX SIMPLE kinds of conversations inside my mind – daily – to wrestle my mind back into my control.     If it can work for that, it can work for you.

TAKE AWAY #3:   Take a small notepad, and count on it how many JUDGEMENTAL CONVERSATIONS you have inside your mind each day.  Every time you notice one trying to HIJACK your mind – stop – make a note of it – and REPLACE it with a CREATIVE CONVERSATION like what we shared above – or one of the six kinds we share in PTSD FREE.

Why not.  It’s only the quality of your life that depends on you controlling your mind.

And remember, having judgmental conversations and fantasies inside your mind – robs you of energy – energy that you can never ever get back.    So enjoy the most amazing natural energy boost in the world.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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    1. Agreed Joseph.

      How do people “be compulsive”? One of the easiest ways is to imagine being judged, then responding in the physical world – to that imaginary judgement.

      Do that often enough, and you will be compulsive. On the other hand, practice Creative Conversations and you’ll be CREATIVE.

      We create our own destinies, once we DECIDE to.
      Mr Twenty Twenty
      Go check this out – it will amp up what we are exploring here:

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