You – Stopping Smoking – Ending Problem Behaviors

“What will you do with all your free time, once you stop creating the same old problems in your life – finances – marriage?”

That’s what I want to know.  Because what you have DEFINED most – inside your mind – you will generate in your life.

You know what your problems are, and odds are you have had the same KINDS of problems for quite some time.   And maybe you are aware enough to know that on some level – you keep creating them – because you are FAMILIAR with them.

Familiarity is the #1 drive in human beings.  (If you think that it’s survival, or sex, think again.  Just look around, people FLOCK to the familiar.)

Even when the familiar FLOCKS you up.   (Attempted play on words, since I don’t swear – at least online – anymore.)


“What will you do with all that free time – once you have stopped creating the same old – same old problems?”

Let’s make this REALLY SIMPLE and practical.

When I was helping people STOP SMOKING with NLP – part of what I helped my clients with was how will you socialize and meet people and carry on conversations – once you have stopped smoking?

Because the #1 time people who have STOPPED SMOKING – start up again, is when they are socializing, meeting people and carrying on conversations – all activities that they are FAMILIAR with having – while smoking.

You must generate ALTERNATIVES inside your mind – to the point you have become FAMILIAR with them – to support letting go of ANY PROBLEM state or behavior – or else it just won’t stick or be easy to do.

So go do it.

And have a great day!

Mr Twenty Twenty

By Twenty Twenty

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