Fighting For Your Mind – How Big Is Your Dog

Twenty Twenty

Grandpa used to say, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

And, there is an old Native American fable that says that inside you there are two dogs – one good – one bad.   And you get to pick which one you feed – and ultimately the one you feed the best wins – and then that dog runs your life.

What I want to know is this – how BIG does that dog inside your head dream?

Does he dream big enough – that he will get you to take action – to take action on something WORTHWHILE that will change your world – and that will make you an better person in the process?  (Or are his doggie dreams to tiny, that you’ll just lay around in the sun (or rain) all day.)

Let’s take a look at what dog we have been feeding here, I bet you will learn something very motivational and mind changing in just the next few paragraphs.

Why I am writing ANOTHER book?   Because I am getting emails from readers of Neville Goddard Simplified – that tell me that I have solved a problem for them.  (And that FEELS GOOD.)   They FINALLY are able to understand and more importantly USE the methods of Neville Goddard and change their lives.  (No matter what you thought about “The Secret”, Neville shares some very overlooked keys on how to run your mind – because running your mind WILL change your world.)

NOTICE how your emails are feeding my GOOD DOG.  Thank you.

I am writing ANOTHER book, because people sending me emails – because their lives are changing because they read and ARE USING the thought experiments in PTSD Free, where I share how I took control of my mind from PTSD.

(See an emerging pattern here.   You can give my GOOD DOG food, and I can give your GOOD DOG food.   And THAT is a big time game changer.  Now let’s apply this to your life.)

So what it comes down to is this, I am writing another book because writing them challenges me to become a better person in the process – and helps me help other people improve their worlds.  (I am writing this article, to encourage you to feed THAT DOG inside YOUR HEAD.)

I am writing another book – to feed the dog – that helps me not only pay the bills – but that also helps me change the world – while helping me become a better person in the process.  What are you doing today – to feed the dog – that does that for you?

Because today, YOU can feed one of two dogs – one dog will be happy just to get through the day – the other dog – will make the neighborhood better for everyone – and become a better dog in the process.

Time to rock and roll.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS:  What are you feeding your dog?   What are you reading – watching on tv – saying to other people?

Suggestions – Just read between the lines.

I read at least ONE Neville Goddard lecture a day – because it reminds me how powerful I am.  That and I read something that helps me build my business.  (Click that link, and you can get 221 of Neville Goddard lectures, our gift.)

TED videos are my favorite MIND FOOD.   Much more fulfilling than most mindless stuff people watch to distract themselves.  And odds are, if you watch enough of them, they will spark something deep inside you.

And did you know that CONVERSATIONS are a big time part of how you feed not only your DOG, but also the dogs of the people closest to you?

What are you saying to those other people?  If you’ve read PTSD FREE you know how powerful running the conversations inside your head is.  (Get the Part 1 FREE – Click here!  Because too many people let their minds become cesspools – repeating crap filled conversations or imagining crap filled conversations inside them.   HINT:  If you are willing to participate in crap filled conversations on the OUTSIDE – you will definitely be having them on the inside.  Put an end to them, both inside and outside – they are like crap filled doughnuts.    And notice how doing that changes your life POWERFULLY.  Whoo yah!

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