How you can feel good – unconditionally – starting today.

“You can use ANYTHING as an excuse – to feel good – or to feel bad.”

Hitler felt good killing Jews, obviously a bad thing.   But I suspect messed up his mind, so that he had to do bad things – to feel good.  On the other hand, what is just as twisted is how many people use there imagination to feel bad – about possibly doing good things.   (What a great way to make sure you never take ANY action in life – or make any commitments.)


Like the other day when I escorted an elderly lady across the street.   I felt good.   And so did she.  We each made a new friend.  And when I told another friend of mine about it, he squirmed.  He said she must have felt awkward, ashamed, and that must have been tough on her.   His imagination was tough on him, making up all that stuff to feel bad about – and the funny thing was, I was there – he wasn’t – and both me and my elderly lady friend felt GOOD.  (And he continued to try to make me notice that it was something to feel bad about.)  Imagine that!

But ask yourself first…

Where in your life do you have the habit of creating crap to feel bad about?

Feeling bad, stressed our or scared – has to be the number #1 addiction in our culture.   You do know that every emotional state has it’s own mix of biochemicals – that travel around in your blood stream, right?   Biochemical like heroin….  And just as addictive.


My elderly lady friend had a choice – feel good or feel bad – that was obviously influenced by my choice – to feel good – no matter what.  I chose to feel good WHILE walking with her across the street – that also invited her to feel good about it too.

On the other hand, if my buddy walked her across the street – I bet neither of them would have felt “totally good” about it.  And odds are – he would have just stood there – feeling bad in his own mind – while she walked across the street – ALONE.

This is a cosmic wake up call buckwheat.    Why not develop the habit of feeling good for no reason what so ever.  That way, you are more free to take spontaneous and NEEDED action in the world.  Because if you wait to take action – until a bunch of BS conditions need to be met – for you to feel good – then you’ll be a spectator of life – instead of being a participant – and you won’t make new friends – like I did.

Here is a cool question to ask…

“What was the most recent thing you felt TOTALLY good about?”

Was it a meal you made or ate?  How about a task you did – or something tasking you decided to stop doing?   When was that most recent time you felt TOTALLY GOOD?   (Or has it been a while, because you’ve been having reservations about feeling good.  HINT:  You can feel good just because you EXIST.   Why not, and you can feel thankful too – for almost EVERYTHING.)


Because when you aren’t a slave to feeling bad or good – based on your bs or based on external criteria that will probably never be totally met – you will be a much more effective blessing – and action taker – in the world.

Nuff said,

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS:  Withdrawl.  That’s what junkies go through – when they give up their drug of choice.   That’s what you have to be willing to face – when you commit to changing your habitual body chemistry.   When you can do that – and decide to start noticing how to feel good about your life – then the good times roll.  It’s that simple.   Dive in.  You are worth it.

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  1. What is the intent? another word for do you care? I want to know if the other person will sincerely pick up the truth of the vibe. In whatever the situation of intention, it always relates how the other person reacts that carries the flavor. Sometimes it’s sour sometimes its sweet, Maybe it’s because of the evening news? Blessed be of the choices we make and the addictions we put on the pendestal.

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