Don’t try to change your behavior – change your thinking. Part 1

“Sometimes it is this simple. You have no business attempting to change your behaviors. Instead, change your thinking, because changing how you think, will change your behaviors.”

You, repeating someone else’s thoughts, is NOT gonna change your life much either.  Repeating a new thought, does not make it yours – and repeating someone else’s thought will not change your life, much.  But, changing your THINKING will.

Thinking is the process that creates thoughts.   And thinking – especially creative and effective thinking is becoming rarer and rarer.

So, how do you improve / change / transform your thinking – so you improve / change / transform your life?

First, notice HOW you think.   There are three main ways people think.  They involve images, sounds, and sensations.

Images can be movies or photos.   Movies tend to be more motivating and more emotionally engaging than photo’s.  When I had PTSD, I had lots of movies in my head about the riot I was in.  When I changed my THINKING about the riot – converted the riot into still images – I had a MUCH LOWER emotional response to my THOUGHTS about the riot.

Where in your life do you need GREATER motivation – more emotion?   Start creating movies.

If you see the scene though your OWN eyes – your movies will be even more effective at creating action in your life.   (That means being able to see your hands, not seeing your head.)

So take this and apply wildly, and watch how your behavior changes.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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PS:  Want me to write more about this and other strategies you can use to quickly change your life and behavior?  Let me know, leave a comment below.  Thanks.

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By Twenty Twenty

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  1. Dear Mr 2020,

    I just found your site after subscribing to info. on talks by Neville. These have helped to clarify my ‘rebirth’ experience back in 1977 when I was 30. I did feel literally reborn into another dimension, but lacked the confidence to ‘go with it’ as my external situation appeared so powerless. No excuse I know, but I can really get what Neville is saying. Could I have discovered him earlier? It is as it is. I eventually ‘escaped’ into being a ‘Moonie’ for over 21 years. The Neville talks have helped to validate my experience as I felt Jesus’ words had become alive in me. A couple of years ago I was part of a chat group of ex-Moonies and the name Twenty-Twenty came up. Can I ask, are you the same one?

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