Try Power Instead – I bet it looks good on you!

“Instead of sniveling – try on power instead.  I bet it looks good on you.” – Semi quoted and inspired by Derek Sivers

Why try on POWER instead?  Because sniveling doesn’t work, it makes you feel bad, and it brings down those around you.   Sniveling about what you perceive someone else did doesn’t change a thing.  But on the other hand,,,  (three commas intentional – pause to think….)

“Deciding to do something – about your life – forming an intent – and acting on it – doing that feels good.   And it’s inspiring to others too.”

So stop sniveling, form an intention – take action.

We call that trying on power instead, and I bet it looks good on you.  Thanks for the inspiration this morning Derek.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS:  I was laying in bed this weekend, exploring what I choose to have my life be about.   Here is my LIFE FOCUS in 2 (maybe 3) sentences:   “It drives me nuts, when people (me included) think in ways that makes them feel bad or seem powerless.    So I choose to educate and entertain in a way that helps people remember two things – that they are in charge of how happy they can possibly be – and that they choose how powerful they are in their world.   

What are the two or three sentences you can use to sum up your LIFE FOCUS??

PS:  Leave a comment below.  We would love to know what you think.


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  1. Thank you for the article 20. I really like your life focus. Definetely resonates with me. Mine is the same – plus throw in the word inspire – educate, entertain and inspire.

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