How To Read Any Book (Worth Reading) In 7 Minutes or Less – and how to get a free kindle.

Mr Twenty Twenty’s Secret Speed Reading method.

How to read almost ANY book in 7 minutes or less.

  1. Read Amazon reviews.  Determine if other INTELLIGENT PEOPLE have found the book of REAL value.  (Don’t read reviews that are too long or too short.   Too short = written by lazy people.  Too short will give you NOTHING.  Reviews that are too long on the other hand tend to sound like your high school english teacher, and are often written by arm chair experts and debators who are trying to impress you.  Skip them both.)
  2. Read ALL the chapter titles, so you understand HOW the book is laid out – if it has what you need.  (Do this fast.  Notice if the book is laid out in an ACTIONABLE order, and if it actually arouses a few new questions or a new hunger within you.  If not, skip it, save time, move on.)
  3. Read ALL the obvious headings within the chapter and chapter summaries. (Bonus points.  Notice IF there is something you can learn and apply – just from the headings and chapter summaries.  If there is RUN with it, THEN return to the book.  This will have you asking yourself BETTER QUESTIONS while reading – questions that will lead to more effective implementation and lifestyle change.)
  4. Read condensed versions if you can find them EASILY.  Read them FAST. (These often are free, or cost only a buck or two. Great time savers, and they will help you have the “basic framework” of the book in your head the whole time you are reading it.  Again, this makes implementation much easier and effective.)

And if the book passes the 7 minute test THEN…

Read the full book like most people do (if you still need to) and apply wildly.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS:   Read fast.  Read faster today, than you did yesterday.  Don’t try to understand every sentence.  Often what a particular sentence means will become more clear in the next paragraph or two – because most writers are sloppy.

PPS:  Read in EXCELLENT light only.   You will read faster and retain more.  Wear reading glasses if you need to.  Better yet, INVEST in a kindle.

PPPS:  When you own a kindle, every highlight you make can be seen here:   Kindle Highlights – And you can search entire books on your kindle – instantly – not just for subject matter that matters most to you, but also for words like:  “action steps” “summary” “summed up” etc.  These “hidden” gems will speed up your implementation exponentially.

PPPS:  And with a kindle – you can adjust the print size, style and lighting so YOU can read most easily.   And the cost?  Long term, a kindle will cost you NOTHING and save you heaps because almost every kindle book costs you less (sometimes just half price) than it’s print version.

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By Twenty Twenty

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