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“I want to get more present, can you help me with that in a session?” – Debra

Hi Debra,

All you are is present Debra.   You can’t get any closer to where you are, which is the only place you can possibly be.

On the other hand, I am curious.  “What gets into your attention?”

I sit here, noticing the room, noticing your request, noticing my keyboard, noticing a temptation to think about dinner, noticing I am thinking about dinner, noticing….

A lot gets noticed.  (Much more than I am typing about, because it’s impossible to include enough of what’s being noticed – both on the inside and on the outside.)

And I notice a memory.   I meet up with a lot of clients who want to be “more present”.   And what that really seems to mean most of the time is they want their attention – to either torture them less or distract them less.   Maybe a bit of both.

I can help with that, and just reading this article – might help with that too.  Or it will at least set the stage, if you take the time to notice both the thinking and the thoughts that show up – and go away – and show up again as you read it – and after you read it.    (This is stuff outside of our control, like the cars on the roadway outside my home that I hear now.  I can’t control them, I have no interest in controlling them, and for some reason – the sound of them doesn’t distract me at all.  Neither does the stray thought about dinner, getting a dog, or going to sleep later at  bedtime.)

Since it might seem like we took a side trip – we will now return to where we were going.  

So the article, and the thinking and thoughts that arise after reading it – might help you be a bit less tortured or distracted by what gets into your attention.

So will realizing you don’t have to resist anything that shows up there, or hold onto it for dear life either.

And one more, you might start noticing – you aren’t your attention – that you are what gives birth to it – what holds it – that might help a bit too.

Misidentifying yourself as anything – can make life a bit stressful.   And that might be a whole other adventure (article) unto itself.

Remember though, you can’t get any more present than you already are.

But your attention – it just might be able to be absorbed by a much more entertaining, stimulating, and empowering seeming world – than before.

And I suspect that THAT might be what you’re really seeking.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty





By Twenty Twenty

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