Rock Solid Success – Mr2020 Style – Part 1- The 2020 Zone

Hey mate,

Want more and more success?

Let’s dive in then.

  • First, use all you got.
  • Second, use all you got on your most valuable activity.
  • Third, have a behavior based outcome – that matters – so you know what your most valuable activity is.

Let’s be very real here for a moment.  Probably 90% of the people you know, don’t have a”behavior based outcome” that has been chosen 100% by them, just about anywhere in their lives.   (A behavior based outcome could be taking your current income and doubling it – based on you changing your behavior.  A behavior based outcome could be dating – mating and maybe marrying someone “top shelf”, instead of being alone against your wishes or being with someone you settle for.)

Defining and discovering what this is is VITAL, if you really want to be happy and energized about your life.

And you’ll know if you’ve done this, by how much you look forward to getting out of bed in the morning and how much energy and genuine enthusiasm  you have toward your life.

And you know what, you’ll discover – that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to use up – all you got – when you live from the 2020 Zone.

Many blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty

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By Twenty Twenty

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