How to Bet On Black and Get On Track – Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 first – do it now.   Making Love – Loving Life – Betting on Black – Part 1

So I want you to bet on black – I want you to unleash the power of your imagination FIRST, the concern yourself with RED (real world awareness) later.

Here’s why.  Real life story. Back when I had PTSD, I was reading books by a fella called Tom Brown Jr.  Tom wrote storybooks and field guides that focused on you getting 100% present with nature.   Reading his books helped me IMAGINE what life would be like – if I had his survival skills – if I had his ability to be present.  So I sought out Native American’s to help me learn how to be at one with the land – to be 100% present like Natives of all tribes had to be – in order to survive.

TAKEAWAY:  I imagined a new life for me – I imagined learning those kinds of skills – so fully, that I couldn’t help but be moved into action.   IMAGINATION that is DIRECTED leads to ACTION.  Just like imagining biting into something disgusting – makes your body react in a very specific way, or how when you watch a food commercial for one of your favorite foods, your body starts CRAVING it – and you may just take action on that craving.  But what I want you to do is to TAKE CONTROL of your imagination.  Start right now, your quality of life depends on it.


So today, I imagined having written an article that you would benefit from, maybe even enough to share with your friends.   I imagined it having been written enough that  I couldn’t help but to do it.  That’s what we call, betting on black.

So how do you imagine something so fully – that it can’t help but start happening in your life?

Simple.  Follow these steps.

Imagine FROM the end.   Imagine what it’s like to have already EXPERIENCED what we call the WHOO YAH moment.

Don’t imagine all the steps involved in MAKING it happen.  You can’t possibly imagine them all, and trying to do that will bog you down, and grind all progress to a halt.  Just imagine the accomplishment, then your “other minds” and the rest of reality will conspire to make it happen.  Trust.  Trust that you will find what you need to find, and do what you need to do.  Just hold onto the FEELING that feels good – of having accomplished and experienced your outcome.

Next, do this part exactly like we share.  It’s a very scientific approach to controlling your mind.  It has been proven that if you enter into a very relaxed almost asleep state, that your mind starts generating more “alpha and theta” brainwaves.  These are the brainwaves associated with healing and creativity.   Sit down and relax, notice your breathing, let your sense of awareness expand, and allow your body to become heavy.  Then enter into the SCENE that implies that your INTENTION is now reality.  Notice how it feels to be “the new accomplished you”.   And when you fully accept that as real….

Something magical happens.  As you go about your day, your minds will start scanning for what you need to learn or do to do your part.   Often after doing a session or two like this, I find myself overhearing a conversation about a book I need to read, or a friend will call up wanting to introduce me to EXACTLY who I need to meet – to experience my outcome. I don’t know why this works, but I do know that it works.

If you take the time to ACTIVELY DIRECT and control your imagination and enter into it fully – you will honor that part of you, and exercise that part of you – so that it serves you, and you will take COMMAND of it – so that it doesn’t rebel and take you off the beach and into some worry filled fantasy.

BONUS POINTS:  When you are in “up time”, doing your daily tasks, you will find that your mind can focus on THE PRESENT MOMENT much more effectively – so that life gets truly lived – you get truly loved – and you get to be with – truly be with those around you.

It’s your life, take the time to do what it takes to live it FULL out.   Take control of your minds.  (You do have multiple minds, that’s what current research suggests, and that is how we approach personal development and self realization.)  One of your minds is your imagination.  Another one is the one that keeps you PRESENT.  Honor and work with them both, and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

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By Twenty Twenty

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  1. Hi Twenty. I read this post ages ago and was wondering why I was having no success. Then I read it again today and realised I had become too focused on what I was going to do when I achieved my goal and other peripheral stuff rather than why I had set that goal in the first place.


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