Sometimes I wonder if you are real…

“Sometimes, I wonder if YOU are real.”

There, I admitted it.   I sometimes feel the same about you, as you do about me.   I’ve had people reply to the personal emails I tend to send out with orders, SHOCKED that they get contacted by a real human.  Usually I share not only a thank you, but a tiny bit about my day.  It must be a rare thing in today’s age.   (It’s the same on this end, I don’t get a very high percentage of emails from the amazing humans that read my articles, or buy my products, but when I do, they are always good, and I am always touched.   And often they get shared with Victoria after dinner.   Yes, they mean that much to us.

The gift of life.

Yesterday, we found a baby dove in the garden that was attacked.  I picked him up and held him, while Victoria made him a nest from hay that was nearby.   We placed him in the nest, we wanted him to be comfortable – no matter what.   Then we sat on our stoop and watched his family hang out nearby, watching him.   Shortly after that, he died.  Today I lit up a cigar, a thanksgiving offering – for a friend who I only knew for a few minutes – and who I held only once.

A simple reminder to me, about how real – life is.   And then I walked back in the house and had a HUGE email from a reader, who is using my PTSD book to get her life back on track.   Another gift, another 2 lives touched – mine and hers – greatly appreciated.

Real lives touching real lives.

Here’s the deal, life is real.  So is love.   And so is beauty.  That’s why we share what we do here.   All my writing, all my products, it’s just the adventures of me living the adventure of a lifetime – and hopefully sharing something that makes your day go a bit more smoother – or at least make it a bit more interesting.

Take Away:  If you want to make a living online, or at least touch some lives with your writing – let it be real – let it be you.  Touch and be willing to be touched.   The tiny bird only got to be blessed by us for a few moments, but his touch will bless us – and maybe you for a lifetime.   Reach out and touch someone – hold them close to your heart.  You’ll be glad you did.

And if you would, leave a comment down below, share a bit about you, and ask us anything, real lives – touching real lives.   Whoo yah!

By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at


  1. For two hours one day I held a baby mouse cupped in my hand that my cat had been playing with. For the next few days my kids and I tried to nurse it back to health but we had to let "nibbles" go to pet heaven when our attempts did not work. The best feeling was just holding that tiny baby creature and knowing it felt comforted by the warmth and closeness. My kids still talk about nibbles.

  2. Hi Twenty, There has recently been a rise of ferrel cats and kittens in my neighborhood. I pulled one off the road recently after it had been hit and was in her last moments of breath.

    It made me feel even better that we saved a ferrel kitten recently, who is healthy and strong and plays with our dog Pearl every day. Pearl herself is a rescue. These animals are a blessing beyond words. In their extreme battle for survival, they now appreciate the deep meaning of comfort and love.

    1. I know what you mean kate.

      Back in the states, you know how Carol and I took care of many strays. They are a true blessing, way beyond words.

      Here in Oz, Victoria and I are always adopting plants and trees for our garden. Rescuing many from developers, and again – we feel their love.



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