Making Love – Loving Life – Betting On Black

Let’s make love, love life and bet on black.

I suspect we like making love so much, because it is a great opportunity to fully get 100% into the moment and to abandon yourself to the pleasure of life.   It’s the initial act of creating – and it brings us into the present moment fully.  And yet almost every act of love making, begins in the mind, the imagination of at least ONE if not BOTH participants.   Seeing her with my eyes.  Imagining the experience of loving oneness with her. Imagining melting into the moment with her.

But on the other hand, let’s look at what most of the day is like – for way to many people.

Too often, I bet that you bet on both “black and red” at the same time.  It’s like being on holiday, you walking on the beach with someone you love, while letting your minds wander back to the office and mentally having to listen to drivel from those co-workers you probably would never hang with if you didn’t have a paycheck in common.   But here you are, bringing the office and those buggers to the beach with you. And then, the next week when you are back at work, you end up letting your minds wander back to the lovely beach walk, you know the one where your mind drifted back to the office and…

How to Have Happiness – And Create The Life of Your Dreams – 101

Bet on black OR bet on red.   Be hot or be cold.  Lukewarm doesn’t cut it.

Get fully in the present moment – or get fully into your imagination.    Both are useful.   But develop the SKILL and the STRENGTH to do both FULLY.

Red. 100% physical world awareness will give you the power of presence, and it gives tremendously to those around you.  True listening is an almost lost art.  So is the art of being fully present with another human being.  It was easier to have 100% physical world awareness back in the tribal days, because if you were NOT able to be 100% present – what you hoped would become dinner might end up eating you first.

Black. Being able to enter into 100% imagination has it’s benefits too, look at Tesla.  Nicola Tesla was perhaps the world’s greatest inventor – and he did most of his work INSIDE HIS MIND.   So has every decent scientist, poet and writer. I just finished up a great Tom Clancy novel. That man has a mind that is truly IMAGINATIVE. And Rumi, he will take you to new heights, if you allow your imagination to join with his for a while.

Consider this…

If you fully imagine (this includes feeling) that you have the body and health you had when you were in your teens or 20’s, odds are you will take action on having that now.   If you fully imagine what life is like after you have achieved a truly worthwhile goal that redefines YOU – odds are you can’t help taking action on it.   But if you partially imagine either one of those scenes – and if you don’t fully FEEL THEM AS REAL – odds are you won’t do a darn thing differently – because you are mixing black and red – hot and cold – and living a lukewarm existence.

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