Need energy? Read this.

According to Tim Ferriss, Author of the 4 Hour Chef and a few other amazing books, you shouldn’t base what you do in life on making money – you should do what you do in life – ONLY if it energizes you.

So, on this site, and several others – I have a TON of articles.  Some of them energize me, some I wrote “for money”.  For money means, “something that I think you will like – like enough that you’ll spend money with me.

So starting today, I am writing one to three articles a day – that energize and enliven me – and hopefully you – and taking down the stuff that isn’t in alignment with ENERGY.

“What if you – starting today – stopped doing just one thing – that you only do for MONEY – and replaced that activity with something that FIRES YOU UP?”

You’d have more energy, and energy is CONTAGEOUS.   Energy is also the thing that will make you happier and healthier.   Energy too will fuel your spirit – so you will create much more “gooder” things, and energy will give you clear thinking and peace of mind.

Real energy that is.  And real energy can’t be faked – and fake energy is not sustainable.

So here I am, baring it all.   Sharing with you my commitment.   I double dog dare you to do the same.

Let me know what you think, leave a comment below.  I promise to respond.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS:  And here I go to delete an old article that doesn’t fit with me any more.  Absolutely liberating.   Whooo yah!



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