Day 30 – Coffee and Corn Soup and a Free Kindle

The happiest and most amazingly productive and wealthy people I know – find ways of “mixing it up” that many of us overlook or miss. The more creativly we “mix it up”, maybe the healthier and happier we become.

People who aren’t afriad to mix it up – Kill Fear Dead – miss out on much less in life – because they are spotting connections and possibilities that the most people miss – and never even consider.

Coffee and Corn Soup. What life really might be all about.

Maybe you can have them in the same meal. But maybe – they don’t mix together in the same bowl. Coffee and Corn Soup that is. So in life, as in any meal, we get to start with what we have – and discover how it fits together.

Enjoying Amazing Creative Meals.

Odds are, you know I love food. I love discovering it, tasting it, feeding you it, making meals with it. I just find it lovely, sacred, and fun to share.

You also most likely know I don’t make many boring meals, or the same exact meal twice. Meals with me are not all that boring or predictable. I have a gift of taking what is in the kitchen – and discovering what is truly possible with it – and almost daily it is quite a remarkable meal.

Let’s apply this to your life.

I combined an old video camera (Corn Soup)and my expertise and passion around Kung Fu and Hypnosis (Coffee) and used ebay to make money – and change lives.

Let’s see what happened. People bought my video. I got positive feed back. Excellent. Then it got better. Repeat customers showed up, when I took the time and had the guts to put up my second video on ebay.

I was HOOKED and am HOOKED on a lifestyle based in possibility – on a life where we explore both Coffee and Corn Soup.

I combined my expertise in Kick Arse Kung Fu and Hypnosis my Coffee – with Corn Soup – my video recorder and computer. An internet marketer was born. My entire life has taken on directions – passions – travels – loves that I could have NEVER POSSIBLY IMAGINED OR CONSIDERED.

I literally travel the world, doing trainings, meeting wonderful people to model and learn from, and get to discover the miracle of life – one day at a time.

So with all that in mind…

What coffee and corn soup is in your kitchen – ready to be brought together to give birth to an amazing meal? Do this – and you will discover something.

Look, it’s easy to make money – and free up your life. You don’t have to trade away all your time for dollars. You are learning about the mindset and the basic methods here. (You can also get my 2020 Success Guide for $20 here – for MORE. Amp that up BIG TIME – with The NLP of Money Project.)

Imagine how fun it is to get paid REPEATEDLY to share something THAT people want to learn – that you can teach. (That’s just one model of making money online – a very very good one. There are more in that 2020 Success Manual.)

But it all comes down to this.

  • Coffee – what amps you and your people up.
  • Corn Soup – what gives you and your clients nourishment.


Where else in life do you dare to explore this?


Life is not an “either / or situation. Life has more than “vanilla or chocolate” options. Life is about – really about – discovering how it all fits together, and noticing how “you” fit in. It’s not whether or not you do fit in, you do. And you get to notice how.

How will you apply this today? (Answer that, then ask…. “How ELSE will I apply this today?”) Write it down – so that YOUR UNCONSCIOUS gets you are TAKING ACTION – not just THINKING about it. More NLP OF MONEY GOLDEN NUGGETS AND BREAKTHROUGHS – CLICK HERE.

Time to Rock and Roll.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: So I imagined dinner – tuned in – took inspired action. I imagined making money teaching and helping people – tuned in – took inspired action. Here is how I got a free kindle: I imagined it. Let it go, and within seconds a weird idea showed up. Call Tom. So I called my buddy Tom, left a message telling him I wanted him to give me a kindle. Guess what, he did. Someone gave him one recently – and he didn’t need it. So he sent me his. How cool is that? How will you use YOUR IMAGINATION today? Will you tune in and take action? Will you take action – even if it’s a WEIRD ONE? Let me know – leave a comment below!

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By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at

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