Day 32 – Shower with me? Take the Ultimate Comfort Challenge

Before we shower together….


We make big deals out of Yucky Pucky – tiny turds. We really don’t make it big, we just ASS-ERT that it’s big. You know the hurts, the slights, the comments, the meanings that we add in, the miscommunications and missed communications. We make BIG DEALS out of little Yucky Pucky Turds – by smearing them all over ourselves and each other – then pretending that I or you is SHTTTT.

When we cover each other and ourselves with CRAP long enough – we forget to notice how lovely and remarkable we are.

So today…

Let’s lather up and hose each other off. Let’s take a shower together.

It might be fun. REAL FUN.

Because what is REAL IS MASSIVE.
Because what is REAL WORKS.

Jesus said we are MASSIVE. Son’s of God. Let that sink in. We do keep creating our realities – our minds lead our behavior. Change your mind – change your behavior. Change your mind about YOU – change your mind about THEM – and you’ll notice – their behavior and your behavior change.


If your mind PRESUPPOSES – threat – poverty – loss – are inevitable or likely – you will generate what it takes to let or make that happen.


If your mind PRESUPPOSES. – love – wealth – health – are inevitable or likely – you will generate what it takes to let or make that happen.

What if – Love – Wealth – Health are our natural states? Notice that in nature there is flow – innocence – trust. The winters and the dark nights come – but they always are followed with the RISING SON of Spring.


Have you noticed what you presuppose determines the DIRECTION OF YOUR QUESTIONS?

Have you noticed THE QUESTIONS YOU ASK – yourself and others – REVEALS what you REALLY HAVE BEEN presupposing?

TODAY’S POWERPOINT: If you presuppose threat or loss… You will structure YOUR QUESTIONS – so that the answers and actions generated – are focusing you on threat or loss. Tired of threat and loss? You know what to do.

Just to create some clarity here…

Questions work this way…

  • “Still hosing sheep?” (Yes or no, it’s implied you are a sheep hoser.)
  • “Are you thinking about a pink elephant – or hosing sheep?” (Are you trying to be an arse – or are you naturally that way? Either / or questions can be used to guarantee loss / or love. What you presuppose – largely determines that.)
  • “Do you think the recession will end so we can start up a business?” (The recession WON’T end – UNTIL productivity – business increases.)



Take a shower today – tonight – in your mind right now – with someone you love. Hose off the SHTTT – the PRESUPPOSITIONS – that are between you two – so you can simply be naked and lovely together. Decide now to change what you presuppose – about them – about their gender – about you – about the world – about their behavior…

Lather up! Who knows how much fun the two of you might have.

Note: After taking a shower together – there might be some crap in the shower to clean up. This is real life folks. So here is the deal. Clean it up. Flush it down the drain. Get over it. If you pick it up – and smear it on you or them again – that’s stupid.

Smearing it all over you again – that’s a CLASSIC RERUN. Reruns, you know how much I love those.


Shower time! Join me!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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By Twenty Twenty

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