Day 29 – This is How We Do It –

“Eat 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of getting up.” (Burn triple the fat in 30 days.)

“Give a sincere compliment. Ask a genuine related question.” (Step 1 in How to Approach Anyone – Anywhere – Anytime.)

“1 minute of Push Ups. 1 Minute of Sit Ups. 1 Minute of Squats. 1 Minute of Stretching” (Pump Up – Get Visibly Stronger and Feel Much Better about yourself in 4 Minutes a day.)

“Send FOUR friends quick text messages – just to keep in touch.” (End isolation. Build bridges. Form Masterminds.)

What do these four have in common? Each takes just FOUR MINUTES – and will TOTALLY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

Look. Life really is this simple. Just STREAMLINE your Strategies and Systems so that you focus on being EFFECTIVE with your time. (This is how the FOUR MINUTE MAN – LIFESTYLE EXPERIMENT started.)

Simply breaking my life into 4 Minute Power Packed Slices – has freed up HOURS of time each day – multiplied my income by a factor I don’t even want to share here – brought me closer to friends and family – eliminated megatons of stress – and has me doing WHAT IT TAKES and more importantly ONLY what it takes.

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Today’s story….

I bought a WEBSITE for $25 yesterday – because it came with almost $500 worth of software I need to do some tasks that if I didn’t have – would take me HOURS. Now think about this…

Read that again. I bought a COMPLETE WEBSITE for just $25 – so I don’t have to spend HUNDREDS of dollars to get what will make moving a one of my mega sites take MINUTES – instead of hours.

This is how we do it! Whoo yah.

Once you start SPEED SLICING your life – thinking way outside of the box – by ASKING QUESTIONS THAT GENERATE RESULTS – you can’t help but find money saving and life saving (time = life) ways to approach productivity – and eliminate problems.

Now the question is – what will I do with my now extra time and buckos today?

Can you now, imagine ASKING YOURSELF THAT?

Time to rock and roll!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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PS: If you want to know how / where I did what I did today, let me know. Always glad to share, because the more successful you get – the more buckos you can invest in you – some with me even. Life really is meant to be WIN – WIN and THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME. The question to me is, “when will you start asking questions that MAX OUT your potential – keep you FOCUSED ON POSSIBILITY – and generate nothing but results?

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Four Minute Man Project – The Extreme Lifestyle Experiment – Click here!

PPS: The Video Below is just under FOUR MINUTES. The whole idea is to COMPLETE WHAT MATTERS MOST in FOUR MINUTES. Listening to a song like this – WHILE IN THE ZONE…. I am sure you get it. Now let’s live it!

Four Minute Man Project – The Extreme Lifestyle Experiment – Click here!

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