Day 21: Reduce Stress – Get Maximum Impact – Start SPEED SLICING

Try this on. Dedicate the next four minutes to seeking a new solution, trying out a new way – to any project or area of life you have had struggle with.. (If you just held your breath – or noticed ANY resistance to that whatsoever – we will start taking care of that in just a moment.

It’s Decision time folks.

Grandpa put it this way. “You can push the bike, or pedal the bike. You pick.”

Pushing the bike – that’s what I was trying to do, by using Muckrosoft to my write my books. If you are a writer, you know it’s good for “typing”. When it comes to organizing – integrating – moving bits around creatively – it really feels like pushing a bike, uphill, covered in mud, in the rain.

Pushing the bike – that’s like trying APPROACH ANYONE you are attracted to – or would like to to business with – by following a canned – memorized script. It feels like swimming in mud, covered in sand. If not for you, then definitely for them. (Compare that to our APPROACH ANYONE conversation starter, and how good that feels – and the amazing connections it can lead to.”


The reason why SPEED SLICING increases your productivity FAST – because you take a SHORT PRE-DETERMNED period of time – we suggest 4 minutes – and explore FULL OUT – an alternative tool or approach to any task that takes too much effort or time. (Or one that you never seem to finish or get around to.)

SPEED SLICING is fast, and takes about FOUR MINUTES. (Is DRASTICALLY improving the quality of your life or mutiplying your output WORTH FOUR MINUTES?)

SPEED SLICING can be something as simple as CONSTRUCTING A CREATIVE QUESTION – that sets you – or a conversation – in a much more powerful direction. Imagine having more PRODUCTIVE AND PLEASANT conversations. (Use APPROACH ANYONE – and the MIND SUCK ELIMINATOR – and in just four minutes – you will see a vast difference – and feel much better too.

But first…

THE MISTAKE MOST PEOPLE MAKE: Pushing harder – and longer – than they need too, because we have been PROGRAMMED DEEPLY to WORSHIP at the altar of HARD WORK AND STRUGGLE. Note: You don’t have to push the bike any longer. You can hop on the seat – like all the other HAPPY KIDS and pedal – coast – and ENJOY the ride.


ACTIVE AVOIDANCE is the second reason why many people won’t try something new, because they ACTIVELY AVOID NEW – even when old sucks – because in their minds, OLD is predictable AND safe. Even when old sucks, even when old makes them suffer. “The OLD way is THE WAY, because I KNOW it’s safe. Can you say STRUGGLE ADDICTION? Anyhoo…


Begin by taking Four Minutes to determine if exploring another approach could produce positive results. YouTube is a great resource for this. After my buddy Rick told me about Scrivner,I bounced onto Youtube, watched 60 seconds of four different videos about Scrivener, and decided to take the plunge.

And… food for thought, when it comes to people, you can tell in the first four minutes often what they are all about as well. Use our Approach Anyone and find out quickly if they have both a pulse and brainwaves that are varied enough to make asking for a date or a business appointment worthwhile.

After FOUR MINUTES, you decide to continue – the conversatIon – or the installation of the software. If yes, then commit to some other short time frame 40 minutes to 4 hours. You’ll know if the new software is for you by then – use tutorials – use youtube. You’ll know if your date or prospect will be a good fit by then too.

POWER POINT: Know before hand, that odds are you will be a little uncomforable – maybe a little wobbly too – once you decide to pedal the bike – try out a new approach – have a first date or initial appointment with a prospect. That’s fine, just like me learning Srivener. I was CLUELESS 36 hours ago. Now I am almost a full fledged GURU of the package. Yes, it’s that good.


And remember, the SPEED SLICE is a discipline – as well as a STRATEGY. You don’t have to abandon Muckrosoft Word – or Get Married to a product. Who knows what I will be using AS A TOOL or AS AN APPROACH TO LIFE in the next six months or the next six years? Trust me though, it will be elegant, energizing and effective.

One thing is for sure, it PAYS BIG, to develop the ROUTINE of taking FOUR minutes and explore how else it is possible to have THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME. SPEEDSLICING works. Prove it to yourself, get some goodies, leave a comment.

Time to rock and roll,

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: Have you noticed – computers and communication devices keep advancing and evolving – faster than ever before. If YOU don’t develop the STRENGTHS AND SKILLS you need to SPEED SLICE now, where do you think you will be in five years? Odds are, you’ll be struggling and straining where you don’t have to at all.

PPS: If you want to take your writing to the max, check out SCRIVENER. If you want to take your MIND TO THE MAX – and your life – start trying on “new strategies” – like those we have in our product lines – InnerCircleProducts – Click here.

PPPS: I was leading a coaching call recently, when one of the men on it was joking about needing a new line. He seriously was attempting to meet his next “Miss Right” using corny lines. I taught him how to use questions and have Magical Conversations – and taught him how to using the first two free parts of – APPROACH ANYONE (Watch the Video – here.). That took less him less than Four Minutes to learn. He is now the life of the party, and not Boring Bobby, the Neighborhood Nuisance. All it took, was him being willing to SPEED SLICE – trying out a new way for just four minutes. How many ways will your life TRANSFORM if you make SPEED SLICING part of your way of life?

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By Twenty Twenty

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  1. Thanks for the word about Scrivener. Amazing I will look forward to finding my way around it. Four minutes well spent.

    1. Hi Dorothy,

      I have a discount code for Scrivener – that takes the price down to $28 usd.

      An absolute STEAL.

      Use TINDERBOX when checking out.

      Powerpoint: I took less than 4 MINUTES, and SPEED SLICED – Instead of doing what I did YEARS AGO…. and developed the habit of googling for coupon codes. In 4 minutes, I saved $12. That adds up to about $150 an hour for my time – doing the coupon code scan. Another great SPEED SLICE application. Whooo yah!

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