The Graceful Warrior

Morning Mates,

Here I am in Australia, a Warrior, living totally by Grace.

Grace and her sisters hold me, touch me, and awaken something deep inside of me.

Grace, Hope, Charity, Faith.

They aren’t just concepts, they aren’t just qualities, they are.

They simply are. And they are all feminine in name and energy. Notice how wonderful it feels to be noticing they are feminine in motion can show up in your body and life.

For me to be the Warrior I am, and to live the Warrior’s Magic – I get to honor, love, and be held by Grace – Hope – Charity – Faith.

Grace: It’s all Grace. Me being alive, me being here, you reading this, you and me connecting. I write, but without a reader – there is no point. It’s by Grace we are here – together – both being held by these words and the flow of life around them.

Hope: I love Hope. I feel Hope touching me, holding me, awakening something deep inside of me. I have tiny little glimpses into what’s possible, and I have Hope – she warms me, inviting me to be touched by the innocence of possibility.

Charity: I’m living with a wonderful family, Charity giving to me – through them. Me giving to them, through Charity.

Faith: Flowers of Faith. Miracles like roses – blossom – bloom – and awaken something deep inside one’s heart and soul. The mind wants to figure it all out, Faith invites it all to blossom within.


Today I get to be a Warrior, and explore the Warrior’s Magic. Both the masculine and the feminine side.

On the masculine side, I get to focus Mr2020 style on the Vision that I am given and feel deep inside my bones, I get to feel the earth and discover and develop some clarity Mr2020 style around what I get to do / work on / give to the world. I get to take some tiny little focused action steps, like writing a deeply felt article that I hope enriches your world.

I love you.

Where ever you are, what ever you are doing, I request that you feel the love that you are, notice how the Sisters we shared above hold you and give you what you need to be the Warriors Magic that you are.

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I thank you from the depths of my heart and soul, and invite you to explore being the Warrior’s Magic that you are.

Mr Twenty Twenty

Whooo yah!

PPS: We all need to discover the blend of Masculine and Feminine that is perfect in the moment. It’s way to easy to define what we think we need, or what is right, or what is appropriate – it’s much more rewarding to discover in this delightful moment what is being given to us and what we can give. The seed that becomes the wonderful rose bush is given to and held by earth. Earth rejoices at this union, and now can give – to the seed – and to the world. You and I, are seed and earth. Giving to each other, like how the attentive ear and heart give to the soul spoken word – and how this word ripples into those who over hear the whispering winds. This opportunity is given to us, so that we might live it – and transform ourselves, those around us, and the world – as warriors and as instruments played perfectly by the divine.

Comments are very much appreciated below. Thank you!

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By Twenty Twenty

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  1. A friend just suggested a short story by Jack London “To build a fire.” He told me a little bit about it… I thought about your posting here and the graceful warrior. There is this moment and there is the situation… both are very different… a concept… even a blue print… then there is simply being where you are… living and experiencing…

    1. Like the swingy arms are anniyong and even tho im not so much of a gamer girl but i think it would look cooler if they walked on 4 legs in worgen form and im not the only 1 who thinks that.

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