Ask for help. Expect miracles. Live life.

Hey mate,

I’m heading out Thanksgiving Day, back to Australia. I don’t really know what to say, except for this. When you are ready for change – transformation – the next level, just do three things.

1. Ask for help. 2. Expect miracles. 3. Live life.

1. Ask for help. Traveling is a trip. Traveling to the opposite side of the world is a real trip. Many times while in Australia, I simply asked for help, and it was lovingly given to me. Can you imagine how much suffering in the world simply never happened because a simple request for help was made. And the gratitude given – for the help, how many lives does that continue to enrich. Think about it.

2. Expect miracles. They say that when the Europeans arrived, that the natives did not see their HUGE SHIPS out in the water. The natives simply did not have the ability to see what they didn’t think possible. How many ships full of miracles are sitting on the waters of spirit in your life, waiting for you to notice them? There is only one way to find out, expect (and accept) miracles.

3. Live life. Eat the fricken donut if that’s what you want to do. Take a few moments to hold someone special, run your fingers through the hair of a child, better yet – an adult who is also longing to be touched. (We live in a touch starved culture you know.) Take off your shoes and FEEL the grass. Learn something new that makes your belly rumble. Drop your stories and bulllshit and DANCE!


I got a tattoo while in OZ the first time. It was time for The Thunderbird / Phoenix to come home – it was time for a great many things to be born while letting what was go up in flames.

Enjoy the video.

And dance!

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: Years ago, I started working with select folks with NLP and Native Wisdom to help them experience the Flight of The Phoenix – Thunderbird. Often when people aren’t getting the results they want, they are trying to do personal growth or development – when they should be learning how to be held and be okay while crashing and burning – so they can rise up from the ashes – Phoenix / Thunderbird style.



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