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Hey mate,

If you want to be happier, more successful, and healthier, embrace paradox.

Let’s dive into making money doing what you love for example.  Is it possible?  Yes, it can be done, we are doing that right here.  And no, most people who try it – don’t succeed.  They go broke because they don’t do what is counter-intuitive.

The Profit Paradox.   Schedule creativity.  When I’m not mentoring or training people (which is only about 10 hours a week most weeks), I’m doing what my SYSTEMS tell me to do.  And my systems have scheduled me to create for 2 to 3 hours a day most days.   Most artists I know would CRINGE at that, claiming that you can’t just be creative on demand.   Well, if you want to do it for a living you can, in fact – from what I can tell – you better.


The Health Paradox:  Eat when you are NOT hungry.  (Victoria and I don’t eat when we are hungry.  We don’t decide what to eat when we are hungry.  All that is taken care of by our systems.  Here’s the deal, if you wait to eat until you are hungry, you body is already READY to convert as much of what you eat into fat – so you have reserves – for when you get HUNGRY.    But if you eat semi scheduled meals and snacks – not only do you have more energy during the day – you will EAT healthier.

Side note:  Waiting until you are hungry to choose what you will eat – will have you craving what your body was designed to crave to survive in the wild.  You will crave FAT.  You will crave SALTY.  You will crave SWEET.  Because those FLAVORS are where the life saving energy and the life saving vitamins and minerals are IN THE WILD.   And if you haven’t noticed, there are whole INDUSTRIES out there, manufacturing FAKE FOODS for you, like potato chips and cheetos, so  you get the flavor hit you crave – while destroying your health.

Side note 2:  Don’t eat for your health.  Eat for energy.   If your meals are well designed, they will give you a nice boost of energy for about 3 to 4 hours.   If they are poorly designed, you will find yourself through fuzzy eyes looking at the boob tube – snacking on more cheetos, getting fatter, and wondering where the last 40 years of your life went.  Anyhooo….


The Plan Paradox:  Most people who plan, plan out their day.  If you plan out your day ONLY, you will consume time with tasks.  If you plan out your tasks on the other hand, so that ONE task produces MANY time saving outcomes – you will CREATE TIME.

Let’s use cooking for our example here, because I love to cook.  You’ve been told that cooking takes ALL DAY.    Well, our average meal involves just about 10 to 16 minutes prep time and clean up time – TOTAL.   Our MAIN secret, we prepare the side dishes for our meals, so that one batch will last us 4 meals.    No, it’s not boring, not one bit.   We vary up the spices each meal, and also the presentation.   And one batch isn’t just eaten for 4 meals in a row.  We stagger a big batch with other sides that can be prepped in just 30 seconds.   One of our favorites quick sides is mashed califlower, which takes about 45 seconds prep time.

We literally create between 8 to 16 hours a week, using the Plan Paradox and planning our TASKS, not our days – and by thinking slightly outside the box.

And finally, the part that most people MISS ENTIRELY.

We have TONS of “free time” and FREEDOM, because our lives are systemized – just like the cells in our bodies.  Think about this.  LIFE on earth, relies on systems.   Respiration – is systemized.  Circulation – systemized.  Digestion and elimination – all systemized.   All systemized at the physical body level, and also at your CELLULAR LEVEL TOO.  (Your life on ALL LEVELS will be enhanced – with optimized systems in place.  

What happens when systems break down?  The body’s performance suffers, and the body might even die.  

And why do your body’s system’s break down?   

  • Poor food.  (Food chosen and eaten when hungry, with little or no nutritional and energy value.)
  • Poor exercise or activity.  (Most people tell me they don’t have time to move their bodies.   You do now, just use the Plan Paradox and replan your life.)
  • Letting poor emotions that ruin your life – which are largely caused by having a very un-natural life philosophy.  One that is not based on SYSTEMS.

Okay, I’m done.   Now what will you do with this?  Let us know with a comment below.


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