Why Gravity Is Killing You – And What You Can Do About It

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Gravity is killing you.   It’s killing your body, it’s killing your dreams.  It’s robbing you of energy, vim, vigor, creativity.  Gravity, it seems to be a nasty thing.

  • But it’s not the earth’s gravity that’s killing you – it’s yours.

Your body responds all day, every day to gravity.

The earth’s gravity, and to YOUR gravity.

Semi-Side Note:  Most people I know, have probably NEVER stood straight – not once – in their entire lives.  Think about this, while we continue.  Because if you actually stood straight – your body would have a much greater chance of moving in the most elegant way possible.   And you would have MUCH less stress and strain, because you wouldn’t be using TONS of muscle power every day – to compensate for you standing and moving all twisted – and at weird angles.  You would be MORE natural, feel better, and be much more energized.

But that’s not the end of the story…..

It’s just the beginning…

  • Because you need to know WHY your body, hasn’t been relating to the earth and it’s gravity all that well.   

Your body, has been serving two masters – so to speak.

Everything you fully imagine – creates changes in your body.

Think about this, imagine the world is out to get you – and odds are you are going to either “pull back” with some body parts or “thrust forward” with others – so that you can attack or defend – more easily.

Have you noticed, the Dalai Lama moves fairly elegantly?  I suspect he doesn’t have too many “attack / defense” scenes going on in his mind, and since they aren’t in his mind – they aren’t in his body.   (This is where I should write something about the Buddha, and the sixth sense he said we have, but I’ll let that up to you to research a little bit.   And since it is a sixth sense (and it’s not the “I see dead people” one), in my world at least – I notice people responding to it’s input – just like they do from their visual and hearing senses – all – day – long.


Let’s do a little how to.    Here’s how to shed the extra gravity, and come back to earth.

Start noticing.

Start noticing that EVERYTHING you effectively imagine – fully feel as real – changes your body.  Some of those changes are more “micro”, like how you salivate if you imagine biting a lemon, or like how your heart rate picks up – if you imagine that those flashing lights in the mirror mean trouble to you.)  Some of them are more “macro”, like how everything gets pushed, pulled and twisted out of shape – like when you think the world – or at least those young punks – or women – or men – or strangers – are out to get you.

Once you notice – that your body is being manipulated by all this GRAVITY you are manufacturing – about people, things, events, life etc – your body will respond a bit less to it.  Noticing – more and more of what your body has been subject to – will lighten it up – allow your light to shine – and totally transform your body.

Bonus Points:  Find a FEW good yoga or tai chi instructors – and see if they can help you EXPLORE standing – the way you were designed to.    You’ll know if they can, or if they can’t REAL quick if you just keep what you are reading next in mind.    If they TELL you how to stand, more than they help you NOTICE how to stand – run – to the next one you can find.    Teaching you to stand is giving you more to DO.   Learning how to notice how you are standing – will  have you doing much less for the rest of your life – and noticing much more.

Time to lighten up, let go of the extra gravity, and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.


Mr Twenty Twenty



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