The Problem with Women Today (Updated March 2012)

Hey mate,

First, let’s begin with this… What is YOUR problem? (I am speaking to men here, mostly.)

Not enough money? Then start kicking it in business.  Stop playing at it and DIVE IN.  POWERPOINT: Get some help from someone who is LIVING IT. Success needs no excuses.

Get your stuff together, take a stand, stop sniveling and start kicking it.  Hesitation KILLS.   So does procrastination. Both seem to be the result of not having a PRIMARY PURPOSE in life, something that you are passionate about. Pick something worthy to dive into and DIVE IN. Choosing to live FULL OUT will make you much more magnetic – with women – and with wealth.

Not enough adventure? Then DO SOMETHING different.  Anything different.  Most people crave BIG TIME ADVENTURE, yet order the same freaking meal every time they go out to eat. Pick something new from the menu. Pick something new from the menu of life.

“Wake Up Buckwheat!  I love you!  It’s time to Kick IT!

BOTTOM LINE: If you don’t AMP IT UP A LEVEL HIGHER… then you’re gonna be depressed – and depressing.


Want to know the problem with WOMEN today…

The problem today with women today is that they are terminally frustrated, peeved and they are going nuts – because they don’t have any good men to choose from. Men need purpose, it makes us strong, it makes us sexy. Nuff said.

Look around, I dare you to disagree with me.  Can you see that most men aspire to be Hank Hill or Homer Simpson…

“Many men aspire to be like Homer or Hank…  MEANWHILE most women LOVE men like Richard Gere, Sean Connery, Jack Nicholson…  Men who might just take a stand, take some action, and who won’t take any shinola.  Men who obviously can love and appreciate the woman they are with, and men who obviously can truly enjoy this gift of life.

Look in the mirror!  Look around you.

Is there any wonder why the economy tanked, and why so men need drugs – penis pills – to get it on. Imagine how that makes HER feel.  The man needs a pill to get excited with a beautiful woman….

“Stop worshiping at the alter of Hank and Homer and do what it takes to get rocking!”

Remember:  It all comes down to DIALING IT UP A LEVEL HIGHER.

A = Attitude! Get one that makes you fun and effective!

S = Skill-sets! Learn SPECIFIC SKILLS that will change your world!

S = Strengths! Push everyday, discover what you are really made of!

Without VISION you don’t have a chance!

And neither does she.  If you aren’t going to decide to Kick Ass today for you, do it for her!

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Your friend, mentor, trainer and coach,

Mr. Twenty Twenty


By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at


  1. Good answer sir. Sorry for the angry rant before. But I still think it’s slowly becoming a woman’s world. Guys have to do everything we can to keep our manhood.

  2. Seriously dude?

    Trying to impress the chicks by agreeing with them is such a douche move. You’ve sold out your gender.

    I’m a man and I’m damn f–king proud to be one. Homer is awesome and so is Hank. Richard Gere is a fag.

    I work hard, I don’t take sh-t from people and I treat women with respect and kindness. They don’t always appreciate that, though. Some just want a second father, a sugardaddy. Yes, there are some great women out there, but there are some serious nutcases as well. It’s niether a male or female problem, we both have issues.

  3. Hey 20,

    Don’t diss Hank Hill. He’s a former high school football star that’s passionate about his job. Beers in the alley are the working mans version of scotch and cigars. Aren’t you a lot like Hank?

    Thanks for the chuckles!


  4. I love “Wake Up Buckwheat! I love you! It’s time to Kick Ass!”
    When I look in the mirror I see Bob Geldof, Christopher Lloyd, Einsten and Robert De Niro looking back at me…
    I think it’s the hair!
    I am about to reveal a block that has been holding me back in my blog.
    It’s great knowing you Twenty, your input into my life is making some lasting positive changes.
    It is great to know there are people with a similar energy working on changing the world we live in.
    Keep kicking ass.
    Love Love Love

  5. Reine,

    Thank you for the comment and the compliment too!

    I love sharing the journey with Carol, and with those here too.

    It’s great having you be a part of our adventure!


  6. *crying laughing* Mr 2020, you are the best! You tell it like it is, and have a fantastic sense of humor. Though, I must say, I would not mind if a fellas looks like Homer, as long as he was kind and has a reverence for life and does everything with heart and soul. Sometimes we need someone to journey with to help keep us on track and get in shape. Just support.
    You shine, great blog!

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