Instantly Eliminate ALL your problems?

Nothing will eliminate all your problems. So lets get THAT out of the way.

Next. Let’s get REAL.

Wise words from an elder, “You have no right to attempt to solve TOMORROW’S problems with TODAY’S resources.”

What if it really was this simple. Because you honestly don’t know what new resources you may have tomorrow, or the miracles that might show up. The problems and resources BOTH that I have in my life today, were unable to be imagined by me a year ago. The blessings I have in my life are such that I couldn’t have imagined them a year ago either.

Power Point – Master Key = Thanksgiving.

My mentors and elders taught me that Giving Thanks opens up the Eagle’s Wings. Open up your wings and soar to new heights.

Give thanks for EVERYTHING in your life, because you never know the door ANYTHING will open up for you. Floodgates of possibility, love, and adventure await every one of us. And what gets in the way is often simply each of us abusing our imagination – and going into worry death spirals.

Stop it. Stop and give thanks. Open up the floodgates, enjoy the inspiration that shows up.

And take action on it!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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