What happens when – you turn the knob and open the door….

Turn the knob, open the door, step outside.

1. Stop doing the stupid shit that causes you grief. (Stuff that generates mind / body chemicals we get addicted to.)
2. Discover more about you, your world, and what the union of them is capable of. (You and the world are vast and full of amazing possibility.
3. Discover the sacred possibility that you are. (Most of us are so busy proving our worth, we don’t ever enjoy the dance that we are.

Another goodie… Don’t try to improve anything, just “do something” that makes you – and the world – a better place.

As if we can tell what a better place is, goal wise. With my eyes and ears just inches apart, and being about 6 feet from head to toe, I can’t possibly gather much data about what is really going on….. I am a small antenna in a big universe…

But what I can do – to make the world a GUARANTEED better place is this: I can come from love, I can come from peace, I can come from acceptance – and I can discover something real.

Something real is this: You never can tell, the blessings in store for you, and you never can predict the miracle that is right around the corner – on the other side of the doorway of possibility. You can never predict who will hold you in love, who will accept you as you are, who can possibly inspire you to spread your wings and help you become the you that only you can become. All you can do, is turn the knob, open the door, step outside. (In other words, step outside of your ruts and routines – and take a chance – on you – on possibility – on truly living life.

Something else real: You and I are both – fully human and fully divine. We are the marriage – the union – of totally noticing what we are (love) and forgetting what we are – that back and forth – in and out – gives birth – to the game we call life – here on earth.

I invite you to join me – to play the game – to dance the dance – to discover you – and me.

As love. In love. As possibility. As the miracle we are.

In love,

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: What is the dance that only you can dance? What is the perfect swing that is waiting for you? What is the gift only you can give? We will only discover and live it – if we stop our addiction to struggle, stress and strain. Holding and touching in love.

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By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at 2020@exhostage.com.