How to be a man. Part 5 – Born Natural and Free. By Mr. Twenty Twenty

What’s it like to be a man in today’s world?

Note: Back in 1989 I was an actual hostage in the Camp Hill Prison riots. Since then, I have noticed that TOO MANY MEN today are living lives in a hostage kind of state and mentality. The cure that worked for me was using NLP to model the most Natural and Fulfilled people I could find. Those included Native American Elders and Healers, a handful of balanced businessmen, and a few very enlightening elderly folks. Enjoy!

A real man is not hostage.  A real man is born DAILY, both natural and free.

Here’s the scoop.  Too many men today are living like hostages.  Being hostage is very unnatural.  To be held hostage is to be isolated.  To remain a hostage is to live life having flashbacks.

To be removed.  To be a reaction to what isn’t.  Relagated to survival and to being a slave.

Take the test.  Just ask yourself….

AM I ISOLATED?  Do I feel more isolated or more connected.  Most men I know admit to feeling and being isolated.  Sure they may have a few drinking buddies, but do they have any / many real friends?  And if they are married, they often can’t remember the last they shared DEEP with your sweetheart?  Come on, be honest….

AM I A REACTION? Many men I meet are an “almost living” reaction to what isn’t.  Stuck in their heads, held hostage by fear.   They won’t ask the pretty girl for a date or a dance, afraid that they will be shot down.  Sometimes they won’t even ask their wife to dance….   It’s tough being held hostage.  They aren’t equipped to do what needs to be done, because they are stuck in their heads, worried about what could happen.  Held hostage in a fear filled fantasy land.

ARE YOU FOCUSED ON SURVIVAL? Just look at what’s killing men.  Heart attacks, stress, cancer.  If that doesn’t indicate that too many men are walking around in survival mode, nothing does.  Even if we won’t admit it to ourselves, our doctors and our bodies know.  So will our undertakers.  There is more to life than surviving being a hostage.

ARE YOU STILL A SLAVE? Are you one of those men who are still doing something for money that they don’t fully enjoy?  Are you a slave – held hostage to the promise of a job,  or are you pursuing your passion?


FORM A BAND OF BROTHERS – End your ISOLATION.  Form a Band of Brothers.   Friends, real friends, not just co workers, not just people you drink with, men you could gladly call brothers.   To do this, start to share more of YOU, the real you.  If those who have been around you don’t like it, if they don’t open up to more than beer and boobs, then count your blessings and move on.

START TO NOTICE WHAT REALLY IS. Instead of being stuck – held hostage  in your head, and being a reaction to what isn’t, START TODAY TO notice MORE of what is.   Once you begin to notice more of WHAT IS, you can be a Creator and a Caretaker.   Shut your mouth – open your eyes, ears, heart and mind.   Instead of holding onto what you know and having an opinion about other people, STOP and notice and discover more about you and your world.   Noticing is the mother of invention and production.   Invent and produce your way to wealth.  Nuff said.

BECOME A FREEMAN. A freeman notices he is unique, he notices he has value.  What you are and what you do contributes to the whole.  This isn’t just a way of thinking, it is what is observable.   A freeman chooses to live life more fully and completely everyday with integrity and curiosity, and  IMPACTS everyone around himself.  If you choose to become a freeman, you might inspire the teenager next door. You might inspire one from your band of brothers.  You might even inspire me.

ABANDON THE HERD – FACE YOUR FEAR – Make daily decisions with courage and integrity.  Take risks.  Take small risks every day.  Pick a new way to drive to work. Pick a new way entirely to get to work – bus – carpool – bike.  Look around.  Order something new from the menu.  Eat at a different restaurant.  Buy something you’ve never had before.   Do the same with magazines.  Move on to bigger risks as you become stronger and more capable.

Since you are still here…. Just take a moment, and project out into the future. Unless we instruct and inspire more men to be EXHOSTAGES AND BE NATURALLY FREE, the world sure is gonna suck.

Who do you think BUILT THIS COUNTRY?  Really built this country?  It wasn’t the slaves, the starved, those without vision.  Our country and economy were built by Naturally Free Men (and women), who had vision, and who had the guts to live their vision.

Will you be one of them?

EXACTLY, what will be your contribution to the generations yet to come?

Let me know!  Email me at

Deep inside, you know, it’s time!

Live your vision.  Do what you are designed to do.  Inspire others to do the same.

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Mr. Twenty Twenty

That guy who actually did change his name to the number of perfect vision, because YOU living YOUR VISION matters.

By Twenty Twenty

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