How to be a man. Part 6 – Start Failing. By Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

There are two kinds of failure.

Failure type 1: Failing because you thought about something and you never did it.

Failure type 2: Failing because you did something, and it didn’t work out as you thought it would.

Men, real men, men who have some degree of satisfaction and success in life, are willing to experience the type 2 failure more often than the type 1.

Real men, they are willing to DO SOMETHING, and have it not work out.  They understand, that you can’t get closer to your results, IF you don’t do something.

As a bonus, EVERY TIME you work toward a success, and you FAIL, you have very valuable opportunities to LEARN, GROW, AND GET STRONGER.

Who doesn’t want to Learn, Grow, and Get Stronger?

So go forth! Take action!

Let me know what you do, how you succeed, the lessons you learn from failures, and how you grow, and develop as a man, as you do this.

Email me at: – put in the subject line: “how to be a man”.

Let’s rock and roll!

Your friend,

Mr. Twenty Twenty

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By Twenty Twenty

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