How to be a man – Part 1 by Mr. Twenty Twenty

As men, let’s be honest.

Most men don’t have a life.

Most men don’t have a life. It might be hard to admit, but look around, if you see that that’s you, that’s okay. Keep looking around, and you’ll see that you aren’t alone.

Most men don’t have a life. Far from it. And the sooner we admit it and begin doing something about it, the sooner we can be what we were designed to be, do what we were designed to do, and have a the feelings of satisfaction, energy, power and joy that we are supposed to have.

So let’s take a moment, and begin to explore what it takes, to be a man.

Real men live by principles. Principles that benefit more than just themselves or just a chosen few.

Powerful Principles  =  Empowering Relationships

Many men don’t live by principles that are powerful.

Maybe that’s why many men don’t have the relationships they long for.   If your principles don’t redefine you, and challenge you to grow, your relationships will be overtaxed and under enjoyed.

This seems to be true with the fellowship men have with men, as well as with their romantic / spousal relationships.

Grandpa used to say, if you aren’t being a man, how can you expect people to treat you like one.

Are you stuck in the Man Trap?

Then there is the “doing what men do to prove I am a man syndrome”. The easy to see false bravado.  It reminds me of the young kids I see at our riverpark, dropping the f-bomb, asserting they are adults.

They aren’t adults.  Just like the “men” who try to assert that they are men still aren’t men.

The other extreme is the Barbie Man.

How many times have you seen men apologize for being men?

Not just with words, but more importantly by choosing to become impotent, weak, or wussified.

How many times have you done this?

Both the Man Trap and the Barbie Man are extremes.

The heart centered path, the path of the warrior, the knight, the sage, the leader. That is the path many wusses would say is extreme.   But look around, is there any other way that will get our world, our economy, our neighborhoods back on track.

Will the countless men walking around being Barbie Men or full of false bravado change the world?  Or will you step up?

Let me know!

Listen, if you have taken offense to my words here, they aren’t intended that way. It’ s just my way of saying….

It’s time to wake up buckwheat!

It’s time to develop the strength, the skills, the principles, and the dedication  that it takes to be a man.

The world deserves it.  So do you.

If you are longing for something… real fellowship, real companionship, success that means something, an inner satisfaction… email me and let me know. – put “how to be a man” in the subject line.

Look, this is what it’s like…. as you explore purpose, and becoming more confident and more competent, and developing YOU as you develop skills and strengths, something definitely shifts.

If you choose to live life as a man, something shifts inside of you, something that changes the entire universe.

And after you have that shift, you don’t ever have to assert being a man again.

You won’t need to.

It’s time to live the life you are designed to live.

It took me having my life fall apart, and getting help from elders and mentors and some truly REAL MEN, to get to where I am now. And I still grow, strengthen and develop as a man, every single day.

I bet you can discover that success that comes from living your vision is extremely satisfying.

I bet that someone, maybe you, will rise up, and join me, on the path to not only becoming a man, but also helping other men to do the same.

Your friend,

Mr. Twenty Twenty

PS: So, now what? Let me know your questions, your fears, your visions, your dreams. Email me at – Put “how to be a man” in the subject.

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