Day 13 – Are you overlooking the easiest way to build up your biz?

The best kept secret I have found to making money and helping others is this:

Help people – your prospects and clients – with your stories, help people with your skills, and help people with your strengths.

  • Stories.
  • Skills.
  • Strenghts.

When all three show up in your pursuit of happiness – work – mission, you can’t help but be on to something good.

Here is how it all fits together – like a fine tuned swiss watch.

The most POWERFUL thing you can share is YOUR story. It would be hard for me to share what it is like to be a short, asian, woman – and to solve the problems they have.

It is easier for me to share MY STORY. A martial arts, native philosophy and survival skills instructor – who had a bad case of “life” happen – and who learned to share what he loves online – do professional coaching – produce products – sell them effectively to people who benefit from them.

All those bits of my story – are things that I can help you with – because they are a part of my real life story.

My skills – part of what I can teach and share – were developed to their max – while I was living my stories. Learning how to SHUT UP INNER SUCK TALK – for example. As I have learned how to do that in real life – using NLP and Apache Scout Mind Control – I can share that with you. (If you haven’t watched Part 1 – Apache Scout Mind Control – Stopping Inner Suck Talk – watch it now. You will get what I mean.j)

And now the most important bit – strengths. As you and I continue to use my skillsets, you and I and the world get stronger – and everyone wins. When you can see me – living it – loving it – you can begin to see you – living and loving it – life – too. That’s where the world gets better – and where I get referrals.

So what can you do with this today? (What will you do with this today?)

Will you take a few moments – and DETERMINE – what changes in your story – have given you skills and strengths you can market – so that your clients are blessed and benefited – and so you get paid?

By the way, you can MAKE CHANGES TODAY – in your life – so your story SOON, will have you having NEW SKILL SETS AND NEW STRENGTHS TO SHARE. Which ones will you choose?

Time to rock and roll.

And go enjoy that video! Apache Scout Mind Control 2012 – Ending Stupid Self Talk INSTANTLY! – Click here!

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: If you benefit from these writings, I am requesting a few things here. First, leave a comment. I love reading them. Your comments mean much more to me than me reading how many people read this – according to my webstats – Webstats suck – too impersonal – your sharing fires me up – thank you.

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It’s time. Maybe you feel that too. If so, you know what to do Time for us to rock and roll!

By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at


  1. Hi
    i have been reading y websites for over 2years. I love it because its blunt and make sense to me.
    I asked my 15 year old daughter what is my skill/what comes easy to me and her answer moving!
    I have been on a rollercoast journey since 2004 and have about 15 moves under my belt..talking about change the essence..and im about to move again in 2 weeks…surely Gods mysterious ways…

    1. Thank you mate!

      Blunt works.

      Too many folks hide too much. Let’s share what works, what rocks, what rolls.

      Stay tuned it for some really WILD shifts.


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