Day 12 – New Year – New Tools – New Rules

“His income sucked. So did his love life. Then he noticed something… He wasn’t using all his tools – he was living by crappy rules. Time for a change.”

Today is the first of January. It’s a new year mates. Time to rock and roll.

I have two questions for you today, since questions are perhaps the MOST POWERFUL and FASTEST way to run your mind…. (Power of Questions – Click here)

  1. What rules do I need to FINALLY let go of? (Rules that hold you back, make you hold your breath, put you in a holding pattern?
  2. What tools of mine – have I not been using – or using effectively – or using ofent enough?

Rules. They are what we THINK makes the world go round, or what keeps it in order. From what I can tell, SOME rules can be useful. Too many will drive you mad. Like having HUNDREDS OF HAMMERS to pick from. In the end, most of us just need one or two hammers – and rules to get the results we need.

Tools. Think Business. Think personal. It doesn’t matter how big your library is if you don’t read. It doesn’t matter what you read if you aren’t applying. What matters is – the tools you use. Treat OLD TOOLS – like NEW FRIENDS – and you’ll be surprised what happens – and enjoy the results you generate.


I have just a few ACTIONABLE rules now. Read. Write. Strengthen. Stretch. Clean up my sites. Make it easier for me to help you – that makes it easier for me to help me.

Here’s a GREAT RULE – One well worth STEALING: “Make things simple.”

Make using your TOOLS SIMPLE. It can be as easy as making sure the laptop is plugged in, so that I can easily WRITE AND RECORD. It can be as easy as saying, “I love you”. It can be as easy as, “drop and give me 20”.

And yes, I did that this morning too.

Amping up your life. Start by asking decent questions. Learn more about them by reading more here. Then apply. Remember, it really is up to you.

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime. And leave a comment, ask a question, share a story. That helps us all rise up and Walk In Power.

Whooo yah!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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By Twenty Twenty

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