Allow – Invite – Accept – Embrace.

In the old days, Native American’s traveled using traveling songs to get from “here to there”. Songs could have many words, or just a few – either way, they always gave you the map and the keys to get to where you were going.

Songs were used as road maps, songs were used to help people heal – get from where they were stuck, hurt, isolated – to where they were together, loved and connected.

Songs would grow, evolve and change, as the landscape they covered grew, evolved and changed. Here is an old one I learned years ago. It’s just 3 words, but it’s a powerful Traveling Song.

“Allow, Invite, Accept.”

As I explore this as “my life”, the contribution I get to make to it today is: “Allow, Invite, Accept, Embrace.”

Allow. Allow the flower of your life to blossom naturally, openly, and enjoy the warmth of the sun that makes it all possible.

Invite. Invite others to “the circle” of life and of love as you know it. We are all connected, we are all one, invite others to remember and to notice this.

Accept. Accept what is being given to you to become part of your life. As vast as the spirit that moves within all things and the universe is – what you are being given is well worth being accepted into your life.

Embrace. Embrace both rising and falling. Embrace breathing in and breathing out. Embrace you, your possibilities, your love and your life. Embrace – feel it – hug it – love it. Embrace with all your heart and soul.

And of course, be thankful. As we explore using NLP and Native Wisdom to go beyond personal growth and development – and embrace the cycle of being consumed and rising up from the ashes – we get to be thankful for all that is – all that was – and all that will be.

Enjoy being the mystery of your life!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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By Twenty Twenty

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