The Next Three Hours Will Determine Your Destiny – Mr Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

The next three hours – they will determine your destiny.

Let me prove it to you – so YOU can determine your destiny.

First, let’s look at food.  Most people eat “for now”.   What feels good now.  What tastes good NOW.  What I have handy – now.

How’s that working for you?

Then, they try to change this by thinking WAY OUT THERE, in the future.

“If I eat cupcakes instead of chicken – I’ll be 40 pounds heavier in a year.”

The problem is, this doesn’t work as a strategy – long term.   And this is true not just for dieting and health, but for wealth as well.

Just notice….

“Have you saved much of ANYTHING in the past year?”   (Most people haven’t, even though they promised last year to – again.)

Odds are you thought about it – just like you thought about chicken while eating cupcakes….   and what the long term consequences might be…



I eat for energy.   If I eat a meal that gives me ENERGY for the next three hours – not only am I more productive – not only do I feel good about myself – I also will tend to be healthier 12 months from now.   (Those years add up, and yes – TRENDS do determine your destiny.)

That’s food, what about money?

  • I take 3 hours a day, and invest them in my EMPIRE.   Articles, videos, participation in online forums – that help me – help people – with our work.   All done in a way that makes our work easy to find and impossible to miss – forever.

As you can imagine – doing this 3 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week – with well planned breaks and holidays – has a HUGE impact on my life and lifestyle.

And it can in yours.

The Mistake Most People Make:  They will trade away the next 3 hours for 3 hours of pay.   Or they will trade away the next 3 hours for 3 hours of play.   Don’t get me wrong, I do trade a TINY bit of time for $.   And I do tend to play – A LOT.    But I ALWAYS have a priority in mind.    Once a day – I invest THE NEXT THREE HOURS.

And if you think about it, THAT is how you got here.

Take this message and REMAP your REALITY.


Mr Twenty Twenty

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