What you don’t know about body language – is it keeping you broke?

Your body language significantly will impact your success.

You probably get how true that is when it comes to how OTHER people respond to you. That’s why sales guys, speakers and people who deal with OTHER people focus on their own BODY language.

But you probably don’t know is how your NON VERBAL behavior impacts YOUR decision making and your performance BIG TIME.

In other words, I can tell if you are going to make a GOOD DECISION or not, based on your body language. For example…

Forex traders with one set of body language – make good trading decisions. Those with another set of body language – don’t. (So I don’t trade, or create a program, or write an article, until I generate the POWERFUL state I need to make good decisions. ONE of the ways I do that, is by changing my body language – my physiology.)

Because your biology – impacts your brain performance – singificantly. So before wasting tons of time rooting out “deep hidden reasons” why you aren’t succeeding in life, love or even forex trading, adopt a position of power and change your body language, because doing THAT will change your body – mind chemistry. And changing your body mind chemistry, will change HOW your mind makes decisions.

Enjoy the video. And if you want more, get Our Bestseller – Positions Of Power.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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PS: I am not big on “fake it till you make it”. The way most people do that, makes them delusional. But learning how to control your thinking and your state of mind – that works. Change your thinking, we offer tools to help with that. And begin now, with your body position. It’s easy, fun and actually works. Oh yeah, and remember YOU are the DOMINANT FACTOR in your life – that’s what makes the difference. You are more powerful than your history, time to start noticing that and living it full out. Have a great day!

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By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at 2020@exhostage.com.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    Here are my most powerful three:

    1. Open your chest, lengthen your body. Long and strong. Do that first.

    2. Smile from your heart, and the back of your head. That’s where real smiles come from.

    3. Speak loud. Do a good old, “whooo yah”.

    Those three will EXPAND your state, and put you in a body mind condition that helps you make good decisions.


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