Can you cure PTSD in 90 days?


“You need to use crazy ideas to cure crazy minds.” – Grey Wolf

Back when I had PTSD, I tried all the normal ways of getting better. None of them worked for me. And going on medication wasn’t an option, at least not inside my my mind. So I took matters into my own hands, and cured myself in 90 days – mostly by having imaginary conversations inside my head.

I used crazy to cure crazy.

Because Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD is nothing more than your imagination gone wild. And if you are fortunate enough to notice that, and figure out a way to take control of your imagination again, you will have your life back.

Nightmares and flashbacks will end permanently – once you control your imagination again.

So how can you do that? (This sounds crazy, but it works – if you follow our formula.)

The most effective way I have found to take control of your mind again, is to control your imaginary conversations. Based on my personal experience and over 20 years experience coaching and training with NLP, if you are like most people, most of the time, you have your imagination creating up to FOUR kinds conversations inside your head.

And those conversations will determine more than anything how well you will be, how rich you will be, and they will even determine IF something like PTSD is going to rule your world – or not.

To begin, we have a very simple drill that I want you to do, that proves how powerful your imagination is, and it will show you how easy it is to take control of your mind again. The first step is…

Excerpt from the Book: The PTSD 90 DAY EXPERIMENT.

By Twenty Twenty

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