What kind of consciousness are you creating in your life?

Where in your life can you eliminate being a cheapskate?  Because, even though you might save 70cents this week by tipping EXACTLY 20% when you eat out, taking the time (your precious life) to calculate EXACTLY how much they “deserve” for serving you, you are programming your mind to be stuck on a few pennies – instead of focusing on creating more wealth.

On a related note, how many times have you told someone, “I can’t afford that”, or “I don’t have any money to lend to you”, when you could have said, or should have said, “I choose not to.”

There is nothing wrong with choosing not to buy something you really don’t want, there is nothing wrong in telling someone you choose not to lend (often give) them money – when you choose not to.  And being honest with them, like this – again is stopping programming you – with poverty consciousness.

I still play with my friend Todd Silva’s concept of giving away a dollar a day.   Todd totally transformed his financial life, and his spiritual life, by giving away just ONE dollar a day, often very creatively.   Todd discovered that his unconscious mind started bringing him even more wealth (on all levels) because he knew that he could give away a dollar a day.

Where in your life can you play with this?   How many ways can your life transform by playing with this?

Because “telling yourself” with affirmations that you are wealthy, while playing “the cheapskate” game, not only will keep you poor, but it will prevent you from enjoying and multiplying the wealth you already have.

It’s your turn, take action, have fun.  If you enjoyed this message, tell a friend, share on facebook, change a life.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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