Do you really want to influence people? (Or would you rather inspire them?)

There are two ways you can get someone to make a decision, take action, do something different or new.

You can EITHER manipulate them, or you can inspire them.

The question is, “Do YOU want to manipulate people or inspire them?”

To manipulate people, you have to devalue them.  You have to make them and their free will (and ability to think) less important and less real than the outcome you have in mind.  (To manipulate you have to value the outcome more than the person and their free will.)

On the other hand, to inspire them, you have to really be willing to experience them – as people, trust that they just might be inspired by YOU and your actions and YOU have to do something that is ACTUALLY INSPIRING.

POWERPOINT:  This isn’t just about other people.  This is about how YOU make yourself, make a decision, take action, do something different or something new.  If you are into manipulating (influencing) others, you have set the stage to have to manipulate and influence yourself.   And odds are, you won’t fully follow through on what inspires you – if anything.

Next Life Changing Question.

  • Do you want to be an expert in influence – or know how to make a powerful – positive impact?

Imagine meeting Miss Right (if you are a man) and revealing that you are an expert in INFLUENCE.   How is she going to react to that?  Compare that to being a man of impact, one who gets inspired, takes action, makes a difference, and inspires others to do the same.

To be a manipulator, you need how to learn how to get inside the other persons head, and make them participate in a transaction.  To be a man, you need to get inside your own head – and start cleaning it up – optimizing it – and deciding EXACTLY what you want your life to be about.   It’s the most giving way to be self centered, and it’s maybe the most fulfilling way to live life to the max.

POWERPOINT #2:  If you forget about influencing, and instead focus on having positive – empowering impact – and you will INSPIRE people around you to amp up their game, make good decisions, improve their lives.  No manipulation, no influence required.  And you’ll feel better about yourself at the end of the day.

For what it’s worth, for years, I marketed NLP products and packages – and wrote articles, that talked about influence.  All the time, I felt less than true to my self.  I don’t have any interest in influencing others, but I was fearful that trainings and products focused in IMPACT wouldn’t sell.  I blocked my inspiration, and eventually burned out attempting to write and sell – crap.

In other words, I was “under the influence” of…  of what?  Fear?  The market place?  The illusion that the only market place only wanted “influence”.

Time to step up.   Last year, I released Positions Of Power, which had a HUGE focus on IMPACT.   That training changed my life, and the feedback I’ve gotten over the past year has brought home this lesson big time.   That course, focused on having impact – has impacted my message – and given me the courage to amp it up another level higher – and get congruent.

I encourage you to do the same, and remember – it’s not about influencing others – it’s about the impact you and your actions have in the world.

Have a great day!

Mr Twenty Twenty


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  1. This is Excellent! I'm sharing. I really enjoy ALL your posts & I truly wouldn't be where I am without coming across your stuff. You simplified Neville's teachings and truly have made an impact in my life. Thank You TT! Keep on inspiring… 🙂

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