The Bounce

loc2Written some time ago….   yet it feels like yesterday.

I let go, I embraced the sword, I allowed my small self to be consumed by the fire. Today I am a Free Man.

Standing in front of a room full of people I was invited to share my version of “nlp” and what it takes to succeed in trading an in life.

“I gave them the best of the best. I took them on a journey, my journey of success – apparent failing – and letting go of my addictions – and rising up from the ashes.”

One of the tools I use with my clients is the Chart of Consciousness. This chart is divided into two parts – the Green Top of the Box – which contains attitudes and states that open each of us to increasing power – and peace – – and the Red Bottom of the Box – which contains levels of Force – which we all – no matter how good of a person we are – can become addicted to.

I shared how each of us apparently in an effort to avoid the “bottom of the bottom” of the box (where apathy, guilt and shame live) – we build more fear – anger – desire – pride into our lives – the emotions and states that have more energy – and compared to the “bottom of the bottom of the box”.  Anger feels better than fear, and fear better than apathy, but the RED STATES leak life out of us – because they are still about FORCING life – instead of living it .

“We appear to become addicted to the upper portion of the RED STATES of the Box = Fear – Anger – Desire – Pride and their specific mind chemicals – – and set ourselves up to keep experiencing them on a regular basis – until we finally let go of the apathy – guilt – shame that we hold within – – the bottom of the bottom of the box.”

So I took them on a journey, my journey, where I finally let go – where I finally let “the top of the box” – – the love – the light – the reasonableness and the reality of God, The Divine, The Spirit that moves within all things – – shine in a new way – in me. Letting go – admitting to the Bottom of the Box – opens the door – to seeing clearly, and living life in a way that can’t help but be profitable an pleasurable.

Think about this.

“Anytime you live in the RED levels of Force, forcing life from the bottom of the box, by being fearful – anytime you get consumed by desire – you bring up a cloud – a cloud that prevents you from living well – trading well – being well. Let go of the bottom of the box – embrace what you really are – and what you really are capable of.”

4 things you can do NOW.

1. Admit to another human being – your addiction to some parts of the bottom of the box.  Doing this – opens up the doorway to INTEGRITY (see COURAGE – the white level on the chart), and this might be the most powerful way in the world to finally embrace your TRUE POWER – which are the GREEN levels of the chart.

2. Embrace Willingness.  Look where willingness is on the chart.   It’s in a goo place.  Be willing to live, willing to give yourself – and others a chance”.

3. Focus on living a life that is honestly meaningful for you.   Often this involves your creativity – sharing your beauty and love of life with the world.  If you look where meaningful is – on the chart – it is ABOVE the levels of Courage (integrity). In other words – coming from a passionate – meaningful existance – will only work – if it is supported by your WILLINGNESS to live from that level – and having the Courage to admit when you are not.   (That is when you are in the RED area of the box.

4. Forgive yourself and others and live from ACCEPTANCE – because when we are lost – we all do counter productive things – on holding onto them is a form of indulgence.  Again, look where ACCEPTANCE is on the chart. Way above “guilt”. Absolve yourself of the “guilt, shame, apathy” that you have been carrying around. It’s time. Have a good SIMPLE regret, remember you too are human, and finally FOR GIVE to you – and by doing so – to the world.

Finally, remember the levels of FORCE are like clouds, clouds the get in the way of you seeing clearly, clouds that get in the way of your light and love truly shining. If you want to trade forex, build a business, or just live life with someone you love more completely, let go of your addiction to the red levels – embrace the green levels – and rise above the clouds.

This article can help you with that.  We would love to know what you think, please leave a comment below, and feel free to share this article.

All in the love we are,

Mr Twenty Twenty

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  1. Words of course have meaning and power, used in the right way their loving enity, we are blessed with. So we chose words carefully, lovingly, conciderently with the intent to build up not tear down anything or anyone. It’s a mystery how they have such power to do good or bad, the feeling and emotions they bring forth, it’s niece to know and apply if we only chose to. Most people know this instinctly, but like you said the clouds get in the way, don’t let them rain on your parade. So march on and taste the true meaning.

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