Are you Blocking That Magic Moment?

IMG_0969“Just hit him”.   After many years of training, I woke up and realized that “just hit him” is the object of kung fu, that and learning the life changing lessons that “just hit him” can teach you. The journey from beginner kung fu student to real life master is the journey we all are on. Until you eliminate what is competing for your attention – you intention won’t get the energy and focus it deserves – and that it needs to become real in your life.

This is just like real life, because anytime your focus moves away from your intent – and on to defense – your energy is scattered – and your chances of success are reduced greatly.

Real life story….

When friends and family find out you are into kung fu, they start asking you “the question”, which goes like this….

“Think you can block this?” – Then they flash you their stupid smile and quickly throw their best at you, or something like that.

LIFE, like kung fu – has NOTHING to do with blocking – defending – preparing for dreamed up disasters.   Blocking is defending what you perceive as you – from the outside world.  And as long as defending what you perceive as you is important to you – life – including friends and family – including YOU – will toss bullshit in the way – stuff that distracts you from happiness – and the journey you are really on.

Hitting on the other hand, is about simply having an intent – and enjoying the journey of having it become fully realized.  When I realized, really realized that Kung Fu was ONLY about hitting my opponent (having an intention and having it become fully realized), hitting people became effortless.  And I almost NEVER got hit after that magic moment.

Where in your life, are you concerned about “what else could happen or what could go wrong”, where you need to simply put 100% of your attention on your intention – and enjoy the process of it happening?

Very simply put, every single time I put my mind 100% on my intention – which naturally eliminates all need to THINK about blocking (defending or preparing a defense), I have always gotten exactly what I intended – or something way better, way cooler, way more satisfying.   And having 100% of my attention on that – with NO SPLIT in consciousness (defense in mind), the journey is always amazing.  In fact, the unfolding, the blossoming, the experience was the best part.

“Having the intent to HIT HIM, allowed me to discover HOW I was going to hit him.  It became great fun for both me and my training partners to discover how and when they were going to get hit.  Knowing, trusting, awakening to the miracle – the magic of the moment.”

Our Neville Goddard Community members are awakening to how cool this is.   Fully feeling your ideal as real, eliminates worry, eliminates fear, eliminates even hidden guilt.   Eliminating that deadly trio often makes achieving or experiencing “the ideal” a moot point – and that seems to make experiencing the ideal or something better much more likely, almost guaranteed.

No pressure.  Pure pleasure.

Your turn, why not join us?

Mr Twenty Twenty


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