My Secret to High Energy

Want more energy? Most people I meet LACK the energy they need just to make it through the day. And have no where near what they need to REACH NEW LEVELS OF POSSIBILITY
Because if you don’t have enough energy, you won’t be able to do what it takes to discover what is truly possible for you, or accomplish everything that you want in your life. The Adventure Of a Lifetime just isn’t possible – without energy.

In just a moment, you are going to learn THE SECRET TO HAVING ENDLESS ENERGY we discovered, when I was training Karate Black Belts for 7 foot tall trophies, back in the 80’s. It all comes down to decisions.

What kinds of decisions are you making? (One kind of decision will give you ENDLESS ENERGY – the other will whisk it away.)

Make decisions that you THINK – SCARE you. Because SAFE decisions are almost always LOW ENERGY decisions. Decisions that do not make waves – in your life – in your mind. Safe – low energy decisions do not broaden your horizons, or give you something worth talking about.


HIGH ENERGY decisions – are often LABELED by a specific part of our mind as SCARY, because of THE ENERGY – the POTENTIAL that they have. Reaching out to a possible mentor, scary for most. Asking someone to partner up with you – in life – or in business – again that is scary for most. Learning how to Scuba or Sky dive – again SCARY. Sharing your private life with millions – hoping to make a change – diving in full force – let me tell you that is HIGH ENERGY.

But what about RISK?

But it’s really not THE RISK that scares people. (That’s what a specific portion of your mind would like to think – STAY TUNED IN – and you’ll discover that THAT is totall bull.) What we actually resist is THE HIGH ENERGY – of connecting with a human we respect, and what may happen once we do. (From experience, odds are you will discover how human they are, as well as how DRIVEN they are. And whether or not the two of you end up hooking up / working together it doesn’t matter. You will both be stronger and better because you made the HIGH ENERGY DECISION – and because you connected with another HIGH ENERGY HUMAN.)

Choosing to regularly make HIGH ENERGY DECISIONS can radically alter your perspectives – and shatter forever self imposed ceilings – about what is possible for you. Study Tim Ferris and the Tim Ferris Mindhacks for a great example about what happens in your life – once you STOP making mostly low energy decisions.

I can tell you first hand from getting SCUBA certified in Januray, that YOUR WORLD CHANGES BIG TIME – once you stay underwater for 40 minutes – 40 feet under water. I not only got to see a WHOLE NEW WORLD, I got to overcome a LIFE OR DEATH fear in real time – when I was on my 2nd dive. (We’ll save that for later.)

So…. what decisions have you been avoiding, been resisting making, or have been stopping yourself from even considering – because they might UNLEASH A WHOLE new energy inside of you?

Leave a comment below, let us know. It will liberate something inside of you – and inspire others to discover WHAT IS TRULY POSSIBLE for them too.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: My competitive karate team learned that FEAR is just a label we put on ENERGY. And if we called it FEAR – they lost all ability to FIGHT and FUNCTION. They learned from our coaching that it is NATURAL to become energized before a fight. Labeling any ENERGY as fear, leads to ENERGY CONSTIPATION. Letting it be, let’s it be THE ENERGY that we need – for the fight – for the adventure of a lifetime – let’s us LIVE FULL OUT.

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Special thank you to my mate, Derek Sivers who inspired this article. I found Derick on and let him know that he inspired me. I could have made a low energy decision – and not let him know. I’m glad to have made the HIGH ENERGY decision, to reach out to him, and now we are all stronger. Whooo yah! Your life is an example to others – live it to the fullest.

By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at