Self Sabotage – End it IMMEDIATELY (very simple – very controversial).

What’s your week been like?
Been as happy and productive as you want?
Have more than enough upsets?
Have ANY episodes of self sabotage?

If you want to change that up, read on mate. This one is a goodie. And what you are about to learn really upsets some of the “professionals” out there. Play with it, discover how powerful it and YOU really are, and spread the word. I’d like to help a MEGATON more people with this one. And if we upset a few stuffy folks in the process – cool. Let’s think about:


Let’s begin with 3 questions – that you might want explore with me for the next 90 days.

  1. How much happiness can I stand?
  2. How much success can I stand?
  3. How much more of those will I choose today?

With that in mind, let’s see if we can grind to a schreeching halt THE SYSTEMS OF SELF SABOTAGUE that keep us at very specific levels of happiness and success. Starting with a question that makes just about everyone give me that quizzical look – one that upsets many professionals I talk to.


Let’s explore THAT question – together. Because your body-mind seems to have two functions worth exploring here.

One of those functions is to produce chemicals and compounds in your blood stream – that are associated with your routine emotional states. Maybe you don’t know this yet – maybe you do, every KIND of state you can possibly imagine – has it’s very own specific CHEMICAL SOUP that gets tossed into your blood stream. And it seems like SOMETHING inside of you is ordering the same CHEMICAL SOUP as a matter of routine. So much happiness. So much gloom and doom. So many orgasms. So many explosions. So much poor me.

They actually seem to run in very predictable cycles – if you take the time to chart them for 90 days. (Once you realize this, it becomes much less useful to attempt to blame those around you, the weather, even yourself. But more on that in a bit.)

Keep that in mind, as you read what’s next. It might be a huge life changing eye opener – like it was for me.

The second function of your body-mind seems to be to become addicted – just like a druggie – to your specific routines of chemical soup and THEN to do what ever it takes to get those specific routines of chemical soup – like a good addict should.

In other words – you will do what it takes – to crash the bus of life – to get marooned on a deserted island – to have a hissy fit – pretty much on cue – because your BIOLOGY demands the next round of SOUP.

BEFORE YOU DISAGREE OR AGREE with me here – I want you to know, that we have a very simple and powerful solution for you. It’s a small peek into our Positions of Power package. And I want you to use it now – my gift.

Because whether or not I am right about SELF SABOTAGE being PURELY BIOLOGICAL – I do know for A FACT that what I am about to share with you WORKS EVERY TIME.

Mr Twenty Twenty


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By Twenty Twenty

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