Forex trading. It can be like trying to get pregnant.

What if attachment to outcome was like trying to get pregnant – ant that was what is getting in your way.

Real life stories for you to learn from.

They were trying to get pregnant. You do that by having sex. Which is usually pretty darn fun. Funny thing, neither of them was enjoying it all that much – and of course, they were having problems making a baby.

And then there is forex trading. Normally, I simply get in touch with what the charts are telling me, I enter a trade or two at the most, I make my profit, then I take a bath. All in about 45 to 90 minutes. Today I did something different. I traded for 5 hours, entered 17 trades, and came up 6 or 7 points down, instead of my usual 5 points up. I was trying to get pregnant, instead of just enjoying beautiful sex.

Note: 5 points up in Forex, is is all you need to make a TON of money, IF you just follow a system.


Here’s my deal. I think I was a Samurai in a prior life. You know, the guys who had to be in the moment, in a kill or be killed situation, or else – you ceased to breathe. Because when I trade like a Samurai, just taking a trade – just striking when the time is right – making an excellent trade for the sake of making an excellent trade – it’s easy, fun, and profitable. Very Zen like. And I can usually make my quota in 1 or 2 trades max. Then it’s bath time.

And when I traded today, I traded with an attachment – trying to make a baby – so that I would “make something happen”. Taking the trade not for the moment, but for the future, to fill a weekly quota, to be accountable. And it was exhausting.

And trading in a NOT ZEN like state, well that cost me 6 points. No worries. I’ll do that next time, as long as I am not trying to get pregnant.

So what’s the moral of the story. Stop trying to get pregnant. Have good sex, and you won’t be able to help yourself but make a baby. Or make the points you need in forex. Or write an article that will change some lives for the better.

Have a great night,

Mr Twenty Twenty

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By Twenty Twenty

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    1. I use systems to help me learn how to read the charts. Using a system to trade, keeps the power outside of you. Learning how to read the charts, by starting with systems, then moving onto what you see in the charts – leads to competency. Let me know if that makes sense mate. Write anytime. TT

  1. so… you got screwed and you threw the baby out with the bathwater.. you got taken to the cleaners? and it wasn't fun… but it was supposed to be… so many crossed referenced messages here… or am I over complicating? is there 1 message? I've already though of 5… oh look a squirrel.

    1. Love it Mike.

      Just one message, stay focused on your intent. Let the outcome take care of itself.

      When I was a cop and would run into an aggressive person, the intent was “neutralize him”, the outcome was “so I can get home in one piece”. The one who won always was the one who had the INTENT in mind, “take him out”, and not all the “outcomes” that come later clouding their mind. Yesterday, lots of outcome. Today, back in the saddle with intent.

      See you soon mate,


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