Dead 20th century mystics and you forex trading successfully.

Hey mate,

What if all you needed to get to the next level, was a simple lesson – taught by a 20th century Christian Mystic?

I was asked to apply Neville Goddard, a man who had amazing insights into how the human mind creates your circumstances, to forex trading. You can apply this to ANY venture you wish to have more success in life in.

Here’s the deal, where everybody begins. It is important to know what a good trade looks like, and to see yourself doing them – if you want to be a trader.

Those are the first two things you need to see clearly to be a successful trader. The action you need to take (good trade), and to see YOU taking the action(you DOING it). Get 2020 vision around both those areas in your life – and you’ll start setting the stage for massive change.

But here is the deal. You need ONE more step to cement it in, and make it rock solid. This is the one that most people miss ENTIRELY.

The VITAL LIFEBLOOD to your success is this: You construct a VIVID imaginal scene that IMPLIES that you just had another AMAZING POSITIVE trading session. Constructing the scene that IMMEDIATELY follows the session – sets the stage in the mind to have that session. It has to be a scene that you participate in, and it has to be something that you can CREATE as real – entirely real – to the point where you FULLY FEEL it – INSIDE your mind.

And you need to FEEL IT in your body – so you come from THAT STATE. Create that state – that contains the scene that implies you have had ANOTHER winning trading session – easily – feel it fully – before entering ANY TRADES. Come from that state – and you will live in that reality.

Why does this work so effectively?

Because performance is state dependent. (So is learning, but that’s another story.) Your state determines the mix of chemicals you have inside your blood stream, inside your mind, where DECISIONS are made. If you have a state that is strong, positive, focused and has a HISTORY of success built into it – your DECISION PROCESS will be optimized and you will be effective – and successful. (You have noticed that when you feel less than optimal – you tend to make less than optimal decisions, right?) (So do something about that, do it now. Begin with rereading this article, and start applying it massively.)

And remember the three things you need to see clearly:

1. You need to see clearly, what a good trade looks like.
2. You need to see you making the trade.
3. You need to immerse yourself into a constructed scene, just AFTER the session. Trading the high fives, the smiles, the whoo yah moment.

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