Frustrated? You might need to shorten your cycles.

Frustrated with your results? If you are, odds are are addicted to CYCLES and you are repeating cycles that keep you too from living up to your potential.

Think about it. CYCLES are a natural part of life. Ingrained. Biological. They are all around you. When they are NATURAL cycles – they are easy and rewarding.

  • Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter.
  • Morning. Afternoon. Evening. Night.

It’s how things NATURALLY are. Some things that is.

But when it comes to success, happiness, and where people tend to muck it all up – it just might be another story. Especially if you have patterned in UN NATURAL CYCLES.

I used to be a frustrated trader too. Now, I am trading Forex profitably. I’d like to show you how I did that, because I have been blessed to learn from the best for almost 2 years now. Compare that to almost every trader who contacts me online who hasn’t been blessed like I have been, is broke – and trading like I used to. The biggest reason why most traders muck it up is Ego Depletion. The second reason why is PATTERNED CYCLES.

In EGO DEPLETION, I covered one reason why so many traders I know “make points” then “give them back and often lose more. Ego depletion states that is because we can only make so many EFFECTIVE decisions in a day – and once we are done with that number – we better stop. Read about that here – Ego Depletion.

CYCLES on the other hand can also CONTRIBUTE to that same phenomenon as well. Because once you create a cycle inside your mind – you often don’t experience a sense of COMPLETION until the cycle runs it’s complete course – even if it is destructive.

Ask yourself, if your trading plan – or your health plan – or your relationship plan has a patterned cycle that ends with loss. If it does, you are in trouble.

On the other hand… there is a way out.

“I have a very simple trading plan. It goes like this. “Watch the charts. Wait for an opening that my mind and my gut agree upon – pull the trigger. When I make 5 points – get out. Quit trading.”

I went from wiping out my trading account, to developing the habit of doubling it. And the hardest part was this….

“At first, I wanted to keep trading – after I made my points – because I was used to trading – until I had lost my points. Because THAT is how I had been trading.”

As a result of having a much SHORTER CYCLE and a much simpler plan – I am wealthier, healthier, happier. I still study the charts after I am done with my active trading. I still explore what else I can do to improve. But I am winning now – BECAUSE I have a very DELIBERATE simple SHORT cycle.

This could be you.

So where can you apply this in your life?

  • Let’s try sex. What if instead of getting you upset when “he or she doesn’t want to”, what if you just enjoyed “the moment of togetherness”.
  • Let’s try money. What if instead of EXPECTING something to break or blow up when you make a bonus – what if you just expected something ELSE good to happen. (Even notice how expectations create circumstances? And how you do find and experience what you are looking for?)
  • Let’s try happiness. What if instead of hoping this happy moment would last longer – because something BAD might happen next… What if we just fully experienced it NOW – and allowed the next goodie one to wiggle right up to us when it is time for it?

So what can you do with this? Notice the cycles you have built into your life. And if they don’t have goodie endings – SHORTEN THEM so that they do. 5 points a day is all I need to do to be a very successful trader. And the most effective way for me to do that – is to shorten my cycle.

Make life simple. Shorten your cycles. Experience more happiness and success.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: Unnatural cycles that create stress in your life – tend to be caused by two sources. The first is an unnatural cycle you learned as a child. The second is one that you program in – by repeating a sequence – as an adult. If you “Stop trading when broke or frustrated” enough times, then you will only stop trading when you are broke and frustrated. That’s not fun, profitable, or all that useful. The key is to be willing to shorten your cycle – bring your power home – and deal with the feelings of “not completing” a cycle – the reward is well worth it.

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By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at


  1. hey Mr twenty twenty I like this article about the cycles…and shortening them…I see this as me having power over the cycle…instead of the other way round…I choose when the cycle ends…rather than it being forced to end…causing me to experience some kind of unproductive feeling…so many people feel powerless to change even the simpliest of things in their life…we often hear people say things like…”its always been that way…so it isn’t going to change now”…what we’re doing when we give into this way of thinking is that we are just choosing to permit whichever patterns are running and controlling our life…whether they be productive or unproductive ones…my aim is to only allow productive cycles and patterns to flow into and operate in every area of my life…and being reacquainted with Neville is helping me to further do this in a much bigger way…thanks it was good food!…Elizabeth

    1. Thank you Elizabeth!

      Great share. It’s so true, it’s the TINY things like taking control of a cycle that was controlling you – that create huge changes in life. And of course, imagining that we CAN take control of the cycles – that’s the first step. May you have an amazing day full of wonderful surprises!

      Mr Twenty Twenty

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