Day 27 – One Word Mind Control?

At the end of this article – I’ll share a tiny little story that will rock your socks off. Learn one of the lessons it has to teach, and you’ll be a better… well just about everything in your life will open up. And you’ll learn a great tiny little experiment too.

Let’s begin with noticing how FAST you can limit yourself – how fast we get programmed or brainwashed. compare the two sentences below.

  • The cure for writer’s block.
  • A cure for writer’s block.

From a marketing – training perspective. (Keep this in mind – if you are in sales. I know you will use it with integrity.)

“The cure for writer’s block”, probably sells better compared to – “A cure for writer’s block”.

This is how we are brainwashed – or liberated – depending on the intent mate. It’s THAT FAST.

You’ll learn how this works in just a second.

But first, here is WHY things are the way they are.

We are being trained – knowingly and unknowingly – by marketers – and politicians – by teachers – by preachers and others – who teach us to look for THE RIGHT ANSWER – THE ONLY ANSWER – THE ACCEPTABLE ANSWER.

THE CURE. The right answer. The way it’s done.”

A CURE. A right answer. A way it’s done.”

Peek into my world – and gain a huge insight into yours.

Remember how some kinds of questions are empowering?
I bet like me – the more you explore – the more you get how important this is.


Okay, here’s the deal.

How many times a day – do you do your head in – limit your options – limit your potential by asking “the” based questions, where it could be much more empowering to ask “a” based questions?

Keep tab. You might be shocked – and amazed at what changes – just by playing with this.

So here’s my story…

Once there was a man, who noticed how much he held his breath. He noticed how much he held other people out. He noticed how much he held himself in. He noticed how much getting “the right”, “the correct”, “the acceptable” answer was to him.

Until one day, he noticed that life didn’t have to be so “either / or”, that life could be much more interesting, enjoyable and profitable – just by having options – instead of trying to come up with the right answer.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: This shows up when ordering food. Just watch people try to come up with “the right meal”. Could be based on price. Could be based on what they usually get or don’t get. Anyhoo, tonight I watched an old married couple almost come to blows tonight over “the right thing to order”. Next time you are eating out, give the waiter 2 options to pick from – for you. “I could eat a sandwich, or a pasta. You pick mate.” I bet you both could have a lot of fun…. And your waiter could explore how to pick “the right meal” for you.

PPS: If you make it fun for him / her, and tip well, and show how much fun you had, imagine how that might ripple out into the world?

PPPS: Notice, how real life – beyond writing “the right thing” for you tonight – is so interesting – and empowering – and transformative?

Remember how we explore THE NATURE OF ASKING BETTER QUESTIONS IN APACHE SCOUT MIND CONTROL 2012? (Click o watch the videos – again if you have already seen them.) Notice how you can learn a lesson or two more from them? Get the Apache Scout 2012 Mind Control crash course before we RETURN the price to normal in the next week!

By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at


  1. We become aware of the greatest revelations in the most insignificant of observations.

    “The” vs. “A”. Insignificant words. But words with the power to to give freedom. Or, bondage.

    Thanks, 20/20. Miss you here back in the Good ‘Ol USA. Fond memories of our meeting at Starbucks in Monroeville, PA.

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