Day 25 – Eliminate Hesitation – Power of Perspective – Power of Questions

I asked her out. She said yes. We hooked up. Had a lovely time.

But she couldn’t have said yes, if I held back, if I hesitated, if I didn’t ask.

So let’s get over something VITAL right now – and put things into a Perspective of Power.

Let’s eliminate…

THE MISTAKE MOST PEOPLE MAKE: They never do actually ask. They live longing for something they won’t ask for. Ask for something simple. Ask or something satisfying. Ask for something that if you don’t, you may live without forever. Good times and good memories matter, but you won’t have either one – if you don’t get over your hesitation Hurdle.

How many ways would your life change, if you stopped hesitating, if you chose now to get over your Hesitation Hurdle? How would you feel about yourself, your life? Take a moment, ask yourself. Write it down. Because if you don’t do this now, the good stuff dies.

Real life. Real love. Real adventure of a lifetime.

So I asked her for a date, while I was living in Australia. We had a wonderful time. We had many wonderful times that followed. We danced delightfully – and it wouldn’t have been possible – if we didn’t transcend the hesitation hurdle.

But here is The Master Key. I had to choose to get over my HESITATION HURDLE. I had to ask. I had to ask, because it was important enough to me – that not asking hurt – hurt for real. Hurt more than what ever her answer would be.

“Where in your life are you hurting and hesitating – longing to ask for something more? Is it asking someone you are attracted to for their number? Do you have a Hesitation Hurdle with a client – afraid to ask them to take the next step – to add something to their order – something that they REALLY do need? Is asking a prospect to sign on the dotted line – to make a commitment and become a client part of a Hesitation Hurdle for you?”

POWERPOINT: Until you clear out your HESITATION HURDLE – you will hesitate all over the place. Clearing it out in ANY AREA of your life – starts clearing it out in ALL AREAS of your lie.

So where will you begin? When?

And remember – Questions like these DO RUN YOUR BRAIN

Learn 5 of my POWER ACTIVATION questions in just 3 minutes – Read this!

So start picking your questions POWERFULLY.

Time to Rock and Roll,

Mr Twenty Twenty

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