You don’t have to be a saint….

We are love.

“You don’t have to be a saint, because you are one with God.”

As we wake up to what we really are, experiencing it – not just repeating the words of some enlightened master, we can’t help but get the joke.

For the most part, what we judge people on – doesn’t matter one bit. What we have judged ourselves on – doesn’t matter at all.

You don’t have to be a saint – all you have to do is notice a few tiny things.

  • The kingdom of God is within you.
  • You are one with all life.
  • The spirit does flow within all things.

Notice that, and you can’t screw your neighbor or his wife.

But you will make love with everyone, all the time.

Walk in the power that you are.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: Inspired by a question, asked by a reader. Paraphrased,,, “Can we really have the I Am experience that you and Neville Goddard talk about?” Our answer:

“It is not only possible, but inevitable. Some of us get it early on, some later. But we all get it, in some lifetime. The longing for it seems to be a part of what indicates we are “closer” to it, and it also can be what blocks it. (Another divine puzzle box to explore.) I started having a spontaneous awakening again about 5 years after the riots I was in in 89. Feeling my head split open in a spiritual way, later a dark night of the soul. What I thought I was, had to die. I kept seeing into eternity when I looked into the eyes of anyone, and it was the birth of 5 kittens – peeking into their eyes, and noticing “God was watching God”…. My eyes were / are the eyes of God, their eyes are the eyes of God. We just look at ourself. Today, the birds call me, and I notice “life feeds life”. “God serves God”. Something moves the body up, grabs the birdseed and bread, and the same thing rejoices and eats it. We truly are “all one” and yet “individualized”. Being able and willing to experience both spontaneously, what a trip. Write back my friend…. TT

PPS: Leave a comment, make a request, and I promise I will write more.

By Twenty Twenty

Mr Twenty Twenty is that guy who legally changed his name to the number of "Perfect Vision". He lives his life, focused on helping people develop the inner resources they need to live their personal visions, while discovering who and what we "really are". If you enjoy his writing, let him know by emailing him at


  1. Does eating kittens make me more of a saint, or less? I’ve wondered that for a while, you know, since I developed the taste. But glad to know it doesn’t matter.

    Laughter is the medicine. Right?

    1. Hello Patrick,

      Realizing what you are matters, eating kittens probably isn’t possible once you do that mate.

      I imagine great, wonderful, positive things…. and act on them.

      Imagining is the first act. After realizing that we are – “the spark”, “the imagination”, the kingdom of God.

      Creator not created.

      Mr TT

      1. What about cows and chickens? Or grown cats for that matter? What am I? Partly, a biological machine. Partly, aware of a biological machine which responds to my imagination. So where does eating animals fit in? It seems, to wit, that there is no biological need for carbohydrates, as our body creates them from protein.

        I imagine a world where humans don’t kill elephants for their tusks. But then some people decide to make killing the elephants a crime, then the elephants and people start to compete for resources in an area. So then a gub-ment starts sterilizing the elephants. Problems solved?

        I imagine a world where hawks do not eat cute wittle wabbits – in fact my neighbor seems to be quite caring and leaves plenty of food out for the cute wittle wabbits. But the wabbits would rather eat my budding squashes and pumpkins. Wascaly wabbits!

        Hair sprinkled around the garden seemed to work decent for that problem.

        But some points remain. I’m not saying I get joy from eating kittens – I get nutrition. A step beyond this and I eat. . . only. . . water, air, and sunlight?

        Well, that is who I am, eh?

        1. Should have sayed : “Water, air, and sunlight. . . it’s _what_ I am, eh?”

        2. What you are is partially expressed through a biological machine.

          What you are, is far beyond that.

          What I am is expressed through a biological machine, that helps me express IDEAS, IDEALS and IMAGININGS that I have – partially through this webiste -and through my writings.

          They all lead back to… helping people notice, what they really are.

          Have a great day mate!

          Mr Twenty Twenty

          1. I really do enjoy how-ing rather than what-ing. Y’know, what-ing seems so limited to me oftentimes. To wit,

            The original “joke” about eating kittens – my intent was on how to make you smile. And how to make Tom laugh. And probably (f I were to hazard a guess), would offend much more of the general population than those who would smile or laugh at such a comment. Not even the general population, but the subset who are “likely” reading this post, ‘specially the comments. . .

            Words just don’t to the dang thing justice! I could call it a joke and you might say “That’s not funny, Pat.” But I betcha part of you smiled ’cause you know I was just joking. And Tom laughed, cause he’d never do it (eat a kitten), but he “appreciates” the macabre.

            How. . .

            I dunno, but models like Metatron’s cube are fascinating.

            But no, doing. Do-ing, that’s the thing here. Who really cares what I meant, or how I made you laugh? What matters is I wanted to and I did it. . . You imagine such-and-such, the doing “makes it real?”

            And maybe it does not matter how . . . but in my spare time, y’know.

            Luv ya,

          2. “They all lead back to… helping people notice, what they really are.”

            We could use the cliche, and wrap your life-mission up in a sentence then? “You are everything.”


            Myself, I love cliches, and I hate cliches.

            But that’s just me πŸ˜‰

            Too many plays with words, typing much-less speaking.

            Yes, you are everything. Fascinating.

          3. [I find what’s missing from most curricula is “the use of grammar, logic, and rhetoric” – in that order.]

  2. Magnificent! The reply you wrote in the box to the reader's question says it so eloquently. The power is present. The clarity is present. God/You/Me/We/I is present. When you allowed this reply to flow into being, Twenty Twenty was not present. That's the post Twenty, not what you wrote above.

    The post above it? nice, but too 'in the head'. Too thought out. πŸ˜‰

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