Erle Montaigue is Dead

“Live as if your father is dead”. That is what the wise one said to me as we sat around his small and humble fire. “Because until you do, you will be living in his shadow, and you will never fully express your vision – your hopes and dreams for the world – you will never give what you are here to do – you will never fully live, love, laugh or cry.”

Erle Montaigue is dead. He was a father of sorts of mine in the Tai Ji and healing world. I imagine many many lives for generations to come will be blessed because Erle lived his vision, he lived as if HIS father were dead. Following his vision, of how he could give to the world – not concerned about what people would say, what they would do, what their objections would be.

“Often the role of a father includes caution, keeping his children alive in the world. If you are going to live with clarity, express your vision, do what you are designed to do – what you are maybe even destined to do – you must live beyond caution – and embrace CARING for the world – knowing and discovering often in the moment that we are carried and cared for by those which are sight unseen.”

Sight unseen. The spirit that moves within all things, guardian angels, all that is holy, and now even the memory and maybe even the spirit of elders like Erle Montaigue, Gilbert Walking Bull, Fools Crow, Mad Bear…..

I tip my hat and open my heart to you all. I request that all those who have blessed me, taught me and held me, who are no longer here, please welcome into your fold another dear friend, mentor, elder and lover of life.

Erle Montaigue is dead. Love ya Erle. Miss ya too. Let me ask you – the reader, who needs to die in your life, before you step up, dial it up a level higher, and be the man / woman / person you really are designed and destined to be?

Nevermind. Notice that no one actually has to die. All you have to do is just step up, open your heart, mind and spirit to love and possibility and live your life full out. Please do. Please do it even more today, and let me know. I love being inspired by elders, mentors, friends, and even strangers.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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By Twenty Twenty

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