Beyond Manifesting – Being the Miracle

Feeling stuck? Things not working out as you would have planned or liked them to?

Just 4 Months ago, I lived in Pennsylvania. I was happy, but looking back, I know that I wasn’t where I truly wanted to be. Today I live in Australia. Me and my world have changed in amazing and wonderful ways – I am finding new ways of giving and being given to – that I could have never possibly imagined.

I didn’t manifest it. I didn’t make it happen.

I did something far more natural, far more powerful – I allowed myself to be the miracle. Read the steps to follow that I used to end up in the wonderful land of OZ. I chose to follow these simple steps and allow myself to become the miracle. Here are three simple steps that you can use today to open the doorway wide – and become the miracle.

  • Play full out. Don’t try your hardest. Don’t work as hard as you can. Pick something worthy of your LIFE TIME, and play full out with it. I chose to play full out with a group of Forex traders here in Melbourne – I chose to possibly be their miracle. That was back in November. Today I live here. I love, laugh, cry and dance more than I ever have.

  • Get out of the way. We all have “stuff”, like thinking patterns, beliefs and habits that get us in the way of being the miracle and playing full out. Get out – of THE WAY. We all have a CLEAR path – a way about us that only we can give to those around us – and to ourselves. Get out of the way NOW – by first becoming aware that you (ego) get in the way, and begin to just notice how you do that.

  • Don’t try to change anything. Don’t try to change anything, including your beliefs, thinking patterns, beliefs and habits. Just NOTICE them. Noticing INVITES YOU to grow and go BEYOND all those limiting things – so don’t wast time trying to change THEM. Just notice, give thanks for you noticing and notice how easily new goodies – ways of being and behaving show up in your life.

  • Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Don’t strut your stuff or pretend to be something you aren’t, just ASSUME the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Assume confidence. Assume love. Assume comfort. You will find within you the resources and gifts you have – that truly do make you confident, love-able, and comfort-able. We learned this by using my NLP modeling methods to model Neville Goddard back in the 2009 Remarkable training. Just a few minutes a day of exploring your world and your resources like this will transform everything – from the inside out.

  • Give THANKS. Modeling Medicine Men was how I discovered how powerful “the secret of thanksgiving” really is. Being truly thankful opens wide the doors for being the miracle – because being thankful ASSUMES TOTALLY that you are taken care of, that you are able to be the miracle, and that there is much more to your life and to the world – than making or manifesting. Giving thanks truly opens the doorways of possibility WIDE OPEN so that you almost effortlessly find yourself GIVING – exactly what you need to give – so that you can be truly given to.

Thank you for reading!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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By Twenty Twenty

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