Modeling Neville Goddard – Patterns of Possibility – How to stop endless struggle and start living more fully.

“The biggest mistake people tend to make with their imagination – is to try to improve the probability of something happening in their lives – instead of using their imagination to TOTALLY open up to world of not yet seen possibilities.”

Try this on. You have two Amazing Powers inside your head, the Power of Imagination and the Power of Mind. Use them both and your life can’t help but become more ideal, because the imagination is all about POSSIBILITY, and the rational mind on the other hand is all about CHANGING THE PROBABILITY of something happening.

“If you want to change something in your life, or if you want to dial it up a level higher – use BOTH – the power of your Mind and the power of your Imagination.”

Power of Mind – Steps and Actions to take that change the Probability of something happening – today – this week – this month – this year.

Power of Imagination – Open the floodgates to what else is possible – in ways you can’t possibly figure out.

Trust me, this works – and it is simply profound.

Let me know how you use it today!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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PS: Recently Vicki and I met up with a reader and client in New Zealand. Dorothy is a long term fan of Neville’s and a wonderful lady who loves giving to people. I couldn’t have imagined living in a way cool campervan in New Zealand for almost a week, and meeting up with such a wonderful lady a year ago. What could happen in your life – what will happen in your life – as you explore both the power of the Mind and Imagination? Whooo yah!

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By Twenty Twenty

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